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Postcards From The Palace- A Photo Diary From Split, Croatia

split from across the water

Split’s a funny old town you know. Don’t get me wrong, everywhere in Croatia is lovely, but some are more lovely than others. I don’t think it helped that, when I arrived in Split, I’d just had a great four days in the beautiful town of Dubrovnik so, wherever I went afterwards would have to be pretty darn special. Sorry, Split, but that wasn’t you.

When I got there it looked quite run down and dirty. The main strip (the Riva) had a perpetual smell to it that I can only describe as rotten eggs and the side streets away from the centre seemed dodgy as hell.

Having said that, after I’d spent a bit of time there and explored, I found that it was an alright little place. Mind you, it was still no Dubrovnik! It was by far the most social and, in my opinion, a fantastic place for solo travel. From the first night I was there I was never alone, from Jason, the South Korean guy who bought me dinner and cocktails, to Christian, the Italian guy who stayed up until the early hours chatting away with me about fate and serendipity whilst our feet dangled over the harbour wall. It was also a good beach place, the old town in the palace was interesting to walk around, and it had a nice atmosphere once night fell.

All-in-all, I had a great time in Split and, whilst it wouldn’t be my first recommendation for where to go in Croatia, I would say don’t skip it on your trip down the Croatian coast. I didn’t take all that many photos but I hope you enjoy this photo diary anyway.

If you want to read more about Split, and about things to do there, you can do so here.


dinner in the palac split

old buildings diocletians palace split

diocletians palace

split street

queen in the palace

roman soldiers guarding the palace split

statue and bell tower split

split riva

danys dragon house split
Game of Thrones fans you should recognise this place!

green market split

boats on the water split

bacivice beach

bacvice beach in the sea split

cocktails in split

split riva riviera

split sunst


Has anyone been to Split before? What did you think? Anyone want to go or are planning a trip there?


split croatia photo photography diary
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