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NYC (again) {part 2}

This is the second part of my NYC on a budget post. You can read part one here. Enjoy 🙂

The Highline

A park in Chelsea built on an abandoned railway line high above the greatest city on earth. What more do you want from a park? It’s a lovely place but be warned, it’s not a proper park where you can sit, have a picnic, and maybe play a ball game; it’s too narrow and lacking in green space for that. However, there is a big space in the middle with wooden benches and big panes of glass offering views of the road below. The park is marketed as a quiet spot in the middle of a noisy city but, to be honest, it’s not quiet, and that’s okay because that would be impossible to achieve. I do recommend the Highline, not because it’s a really relaxing way to spend a day (if you want to relax in a park find a spot in central park) but because it’s a unique place, offering some lovely views.

Times Square

Do I really need to say anything about Times Square? Don’t spend too much time here unless you like the feeling of wanting to murder every human you look at, but if you’re in NYC you have to go at least once, and you must see it at night; it’s a completely different place at night when the lights of the billboards really come to life.

Little Italy

little italy

The meal we had was expensive and not that great but that’s because we made a poor choice of restaurant, and not a reflection of Little Italy itself. Little Italy is basically just a street full of Italian restaurants and dessert shops. It’s a lovely place at night so I highly recommend going to experience the atmosphere of the street. If you’re on a budget you could even just go for some delicious Gelato!

These are just the main places we visited during our 3 and a bit day trip to NYC on a budget. Has anyone else done the city on a budget? If so where did you go that I’ve not mentioned on this list? And, if you’ve been to any of the places on the list, what did you think of them?

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