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9 Netflix Originals You Should Be Watching

Netflix are killing it at the moment with their original shows. Gone are the days where they would release a load of mediocre content with one or two amazing series thrown in (hello, Narcos and OITNB). Netflix have really upped their game recently and now they are serious contenders for best TV network alongside some of the best and longest established channels.

With so many good shows to watch though, picking the ones to invest your time in can be difficult. Here are the 9 Netflix originals that I think you should be watching right now:

  • Safe: This is the one on this list that has most recently been released. It’s a ‘who dunnit’ thriller starring Michael C Hall (the guy who played Dexter), with an English accent that grows on you, as a single father of a missing daughter, and Amanda Abbington, who played Mary in Sherlock, as his neighbour and a detective on the case. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a crime show this gripping and with this many amazing twists and turns. I watched this over two days and the ending was a huge shock that I did not see coming. Safe is an absolute must watch.
  • Stranger Things: If you haven’t seen Stranger things yet, where have you been? It’s a great show full of spooky goings on, great characters who you will love, and all the 1980s vibes that’ll make you feel nostalgic even if you weren’t around in the 80s. Oh, and it also has a lot of Winona Ryder. Who doesn’t love Winona Ryder?! Season two was released just before Halloween last year (on the 27th October aka my birthday if you want to make a note of that…)
  • Grace & Frankie: Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin play Grace and Frankie, two women who are like chalk and cheese – and who don’t particularly like each other. In episode one they find out their husbands of forty years have been having an affair with each other for the last two decades. The show follows their lives from the day they find out as they navigate being single in their seventies. It is hilarious and all the characters are fabulous. Watch if you need something light-hearted to binge.
  • The Good Place – The Good Place is one of those shows that you’ll hate yourself for loving yet you’ll watch the whole first season in a day anyway. It’s set in a fantasy land called the good place – like heaven – which tailors a persons’ experience in the afterlife to the person they were on earth. It has a fabulous cast , which includes Kristen Bell, Jameela Jamil, Ted Danson and Adam Scott, and there are no characters that you will really dislike (not even the ones you’re supposed to).

  • Everything Sucks: You know what does suck? The fact that this got cancelled after one season. I sort of get why it was cancelled but I also don’t think it was given enough hype. It follows a group of high school kids in the 90s navigating their way through relationships, sexuality worries and high school drama. Kate is struggling with coming to terms with the fact that she may be a lesbian and I think her story is so important. If you want to understand what it’s like for a young person to struggle with their sexuality then please watch Everything Sucks as it’s such a perfect example.
  • MindHunter: It follows a couple of detectives (and eventually a college professor) trying to profile a particular type of criminal and coming up with a brand new term in order to describe them. That term? Serial Killer. Maybe it’s because I’m an aspiring forensic psychologist but I live for this kind of show. The show follows the three of them as they visit offenders who fit their profile in prison and interview them. Although it uses the unrealistic tv/film portrayal of serial killers as a bit weird, unable to have a ‘normal’ conversation and easy to spot, it does give a fascinating insight into why people would commit crimes like this.
  • Friends From College – Sam and Ethan have been sleeping together since they were at college twenty years ago. The problem is, they’re now married to other people, one of which was also in their friend circle at college. This sitcom follows the lives of Sam, Ethan, Ethan’s wife Lisa, and their other friends from college as they reconnect and navigate their lives now they’re in their forties. None of the characters are particularly likeable but you’ll find yourself wanting to hate Sam and Ethan but rooting for them at the same time.
  • The Sinner – It’s about a woman with a seemingly normal (albeit dull and unsatisfactory) life – husband, kid, mother-in-law – who then kills a man out of the blue. It then follows the subsequent investigation into why she did it, and all of her past secrets start to unravel. The first episode is quite slow but stick with it as it gets more interesting. I think the first episode of a show like this has to be quite slow to be able to show how bizarre her murdering someone is when compared to her tedious life.
  • Black Mirror – There’s no way that I could write this list and not include Black Mirror (although I still resent it being a Netflix show now as Channel 4 had it first!). Black Mirror is disturbing, terrifying, yet horribly relatable. It’s about futuristic societies and technology that doesn’t seem all that far off, and the bad consequences they have on people. There are some happy episodes, like San Junipero in season 3 (if you only watch one episode of Black Mirror please make it that one!), but don’t go expecting happy endings. It’s intense so probably not a binge-watching show – but there’s only six episodes per season so you could easily watch it in a day.

Have you watched any of these shows? What did you think? Any shows that you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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