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A New Direction

I must have written some variation of this post 100s of times over my time blogging (okay that might be a slight exaggeration…). But my blog and content is having a change in direction.

A cosy view of a bed covered in blankets and cushions, in a room full of books and candles. Underneath the window, which shows a view of the countryside there are a string of fairy lights.

I don’t know if it’s because the evenings are getting lighter or I’m waking up to sunshine streaming in through the blinds telling me that spring is on the way, or whether I just felt like I needed a change, and the fact that it’s happening at the start of spring is just a happy coincidence.

To tell you the truth, I’ve had a few changes in my personal life, which includes a not-so-nice but totally expected mental health diagnosis. I’ve also been reading some interesting books and articles outside of my comfort zone and it’s inspired me to, not only learn more about people not like me, but allow others to learn from me.

Travel will still be the main focus for this blog and my Instagram, but, going forward, I also want to write about the other things that matter to me: queer life, living and travelling with a complex mental illness, the books I’ve read, and of course, tips for solo travelling and stories from my travels because they will always be one of my favourite things to write. Travelling makes me feel a million times better and it has put my life back on track more than once.

So, that’s where I hope to take in the future. I’m going to aim to post at least once a week but there will be no patterns to my postings. My Instagram is also going to go down a bit of a travel and lifestyle route too as I’ve realised that, having an account solely dedicated to travel photos when you aren’t travelling for most of the year leaves you without anything to post a lot of the time (I’ve also got a Bookstagram if that’s more your thing). I want to try and cultivate a bit of a positive community where we can learn from each other and share what makes our lives better. With that in mind I hope to maybe develop a newsletter further down the line so watch this space.

I hope this is all okay and I hope you’ll join me for the journey!

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