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A Reminder To Not Take Life For Granted

If you’re expecting this post to be profound and deep then this isn’t the post for you. I’m feeling sad so I’m just going to let the words fall out.

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Life is short. One day someone will be there, the next day they’re gone. One day you think you’ve got life figured out but then something happens which pulls the rug from under your feet. Things you thought would happen eventually can now never happen, no matter how much you wanted it or believed in it.

And that is incredibly shit.

Everyone is fighting their own battles and battling with their demons. Even if you’re aware of what’s going on I don’t believe you can ever know the full extent of it unless you have lived it yourself. But that doesn’t stop you from feeling guilty when something horrible happens to them – and it doesn’t stop you from feeling incredibly sad that someone has gone through such a terrible battle.

When big, tragic, shocking things happen in life it’s so easy to let them get you down. It’s easy to see the dark side of the world and feel hopeless. Sometimes things happen when you’re already metaphorically lying on the ground in the fetal position begging anyone who will listen to make things better. Sometimes you feel like one more knock will be the final blow because you don’t have the strength to survive anymore.

But then you do survive. And you survive the next knock. And the one after that.

Sometimes it takes one huge, shocking blow to make you see things a little bit more clearly. Sometimes that’s what it takes to make you realise that life doesn’t last forever and you need to make the most of it while you can. Life doesn’t need to be taken seriously; should we be wasting all of our time and effort clawing our way up the corporate ladder, paying through the noses for basic looking houses, trying to live life like everyone else? Absolutely not. Sometimes, when all these things aren’t coming your way despite you constantly fighting to make it happen, it takes something horrible to make you see that these aren’t really the things you want anyway.

And sometimes it takes receiving a horrible phone call late one night to make you realise that you never want anyone to have to make that phone call about you so you need to turn your life around to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Life is short. Life is shit. But life is for living and some people only get to live a small percentage of theirs, so we should never, ever take it for granted.


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