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An End Of Year Catch-Up

I’m not going to start by saying sorry for letting my blog fall by the wayside because I’m not sorry *shrugs*. I’m so busy with my two jobs and university that updating this isn’t high on my list of priorities. I’m never going to make blogging my full-time job so I can’t see the point in stressing; I’m just enjoying writing whenever the mood takes me.

christmassy winter scene 2

Anyway. Where have I been? Working, mostly, and then working some more. I now work in a hostel run by a homeless charity part-time, and when I’m not doing that I’m studying for a masters or working in custody. Last week, I wasn’t at uni on Thursday so I put myself on the rota for my second job thinking I could do a couple of hours for a bit of extra cash. I ended up spending 11 hours at the station! Thursday was also the only day I had spare to physically hand in a piece of coursework that was due in on the Friday. As all of my day on Thursday was taken away I ended up finishing at the hostel on Friday at 4:15pm, scarfed a McDonald’s down (I hadn’t had a chance to eat all day), then raced across town in rush hour traffic to make it to uni to hand in my work before everyone went home for the Christmas break. It went about as well as you’d expect. Luckily there was one professor there working late who let me into my tutor’s office to leave my work on his desk. I sent a really apologetic, if not slightly panicky, email explaining the situation and I think it’s all okay.

I’ve always left things to the last minute and I’m clearly not going to stop doing that anytime soon!

But, yeah, this is just a little snippet of my horrifically hectic schedule. I know I need to sort this out before I burn out completely but, apart from the other day, I’m enjoying it. And I was only hired by the charity initially on a six month contract so I’m trying to prove I can do full-time work on part-time hours so they’ll take me on permanently. However, I was invited to work drinks the other night though but they weren’t heading out until 10pm and I was fast asleep by then. Hashtag wild.

What else have I been up to? Well, not a lot to be honest. A couple of weeks ago I went and got drunk mid-week which was a nice change. My housemates friend was visiting and we attempted to show her the best of Nottingham so we went to a wanky, secret cocktail bar, decided it was overpriced and not all that good so ended up spending the rest of the night in ‘spoons. We did go to the local goth bar with hidden toilets though which is always fun. I also went on a long walk through the countryside with my friend the other Saturday. We stopped at a pub and a garden centre along the way, then came home and watched a film. christmassy winter scene 1

I’m planning on going on a walk this afternoon as well as I don’t get enough fresh air these days. I don’t want to jinx it but I’m not hating Winter as much this year. I think it’s because my flat is actually warm making this the first year in my entire life where I’ve been able to walk around in sleeveless tops in December. You know when you’re a kid and your parents are like: When you’re paying the bills you’ll understand why we’re not turning the heating up! Well, guess what mum? I am paying the bills and I do turn the heating up. All the way up. And it’s bliss (unless I rush out the door at 7am and forget to turn it on). My workplace is always warm too – sometimes too warm. In my last job I’d have to wear a hat, a scarf and hug the radiator just to keep warm. I think that’s a lot to do with why I was so miserable this time last year. Yes, I was in a job I hated in an industry I had absolutely no interest in, but I was waking up in a cold flat, walking to work in the cold, spending all day in an office with the equivalent temperature of an igloo, walking home again and spending all night in a cold flat. That can really take it’s toll, especially if you’re not doing anything interesting in between.

I have found myself in a good position to end the year in but I can’t say I’ll be sad to see the back of 2018. It’s been one of the worst years of my life personally but one of the best career-wise, but unless you’re happy in yourself your career isn’t all that important is it? That being said, I’m really starting to see a difference in myself, and I’m enjoying the (slow) process of learning to like myself and build a life I love (sorry for sounding like a piece of tacky wall art there, it won’t happen again). Although, I’m still the same person who hasn’t started their Christmas shopping this close to the big day. But it does fall on one of my two days off work next week so I might just skip it all together and have a duvet day instead…



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