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  1. MJ says

    Oh wow! This was a lot to swallow lol. In my opinion I think blogging is what you make it. I put a lot of work in for my content and just my love for writing and taking photos in general so that’s me. However, I do understand your view on bloggers with larger than usual following who look down on new bloggers, that’s ridiculous. The blogging world is only as dead as we make it. If it’s aomethinf we love doing, then there’s no need for comparison or competition. I just stick to doing what I know and love. I form blogger groups to help bloggers like me who are under that 5-10k mark! So that’s my part💕💕

    • Emily says

      I completely agree! I love doing what I do too and it definitely is what you make it. I feel like there’s just too much competition sometimes and not enough love aha it’s great that you form groups for smaller bloggers

  2. Mykki says

    I have a feeling that a lot of these big bloggers think of blogging as dying because it’s dying out *for them*.

    They no longer have the time to sit and scroll through blogs or read detailed posts about book reviews or SEO tips because they’re too busy being influencers and selling products or going to photo shoots or conferences or what have you…and that’s fine. But I think some of them need to remember that their experiences and success are unique to them and that other bloggers can and do operate in a different manner – by maintaining support for the community and networking in that way!

    We all do our part to keep blogging alive!

    • Emily says

      Exactly! They seem to forget what blogging is like when you don’t have this huge following and that other people do things differently

  3. Susanne says

    I agree with you – there is a difference between hobby bloggers and bloggers who want to make this into a career. I also feel that big bloggers shouldn’t whine as much as they sometimes do, it’s hardly my fault when they lose contact to their own community and create almost copy-paste content while losing their voice ….

    • Emily says

      Yes to all of this! It seems like blogging is dead to the people who have stopped making the effort with their community

  4. Stacey says

    I mostly agree with you. I used to blog a lot and I had a semi decent Twitter following etc but I found myself just trying to fit in and get popularity points. I ended up getting fed up and chucked it in, took some time out and now I’m back. I wrote what I want, in my own style and if people like it, great. If they don’t, I’m not so bothered.

    • Emily says

      I get that, it must be quite easy to fall into the trap of writing what seems to be doing well for others as your following grows. There’s a lot of pressure there

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