Brace yourselves, rejection is coming.

I finally did it! I finally applied for a writing job! I’ve been wanting to get my writing ‘out there’ for months but I have never known where to start, and, truth be told, I have been absolutely terrified of rejection. But I did it guys, I finally did it. I bet you’re all wondering where I applied to (don’t lie people, I can feel the tension through my screen). Was it vogue? Was it the New Yorker a-la Carrie Bradshaw?? Was it something smaller like a national newspaper? No. No it wasn’t. It was my university’s student blogging page. But, hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere, right?

I requested an application form two whole months ago and the deadline for submissions is tomorrow (May 18th) and I submitted… on Friday. Yes, two whole days before the deadline. Now that’s not because I haven’t had the form filled in (I wrote a sample blog post the day I got the application form) it’s because I’ve been so scared that I won’t get the job. I know that rejection is a huge part of being a writer but that still doesn’t make it any less daunting. I suppose I’ve had this dream of becoming a writer for as long as I can remember and I know I’ll read that first letter of rejection as ‘you’re not good enough, you’ll never make it’. I also know I need to stop thinking like that but the more times I submit my writing, the more rejection I’ll get and the more ill get used to it and think ‘screw you, I can do this!’

But, hey, maybe I’ll get the blogging job and I’ll be able to put off receiving rejection for a little while longer. Fingers crossed!




4 thoughts on “Brace yourselves, rejection is coming.”

  • I think the first rejection I ever received was from Thrush Poetry Journal. It stung, but it did get easier. I’ve received at least another 10 rejections since then.

    Just think of the famous people like J.K Rowling. They received many many MANY rejections before their books were eventually published. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. It might just mean it’s not right for the publisher.

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