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Dear Diary: Hello 2017

Hello my lovelies and hello 2017- the world is counting on you to be better than the last year, no pressure or anything…

As I enjoyed doing my December Diary series last month I thought I’d make it a regular feature. I know a lot of blogs do it and I LOVE reading posts like it. I also like having a place to write personal(ish) posts.

Right, now that’s out of the way let’s get on with the post shall we?

I’m currently feeling a little bit *ahem* delicate as I write this. My friend/ex-housemate and I had 0 plans for New Year’s Eve a couple of weeks ago so decided to go out to the cheapest place we could find. That place just so happened to be The Orange Tree, Leicester which had an 80s disco, free entry and happy hour all night. I’m mean, what else would you want when you’re pretending to have the absolute time of your life on the last night of the year??

Well, apparently us because we weren’t really feeling it when we got there and decided to head to our favourite alternative nightclub instead. We also paid £10 for the privilege instead of our usual £5. 

It didn’t matter though as we had a great night, letting off party poppers and blagging free drinks all night. We also had a drunken DMC which I’m so happy about because I feel like I now have a good friend who I can talk openly to about the things I didn’t feel comfortable talking about before. It’s a nice feeling. 

Anyway, we had to leave about half an hour before it closed because my drunken state hit me and I couldn’t see. So much for not getting horrendously drunk! Oops. 

What did everyone else do last night? Did you have a wild night out or a quieter one in watching Hootenanny? 

2016 Recap:

Blogging-wise 2016 was good for me. I became self-hosted in the summer and have been posting regularly ever since. I’ve seen my views and engagement grow, and I’ve been doing better with social media. I’m still quite down about my stats etc (but not as down as I was when I wrote this post!), but I’m going to be focused next year and be in a completely different place with my blog by next New Year!

Your favourite posts of mine:

My favourite posts to write were:

2017 Preview and goals:

I just want to finish this post with a bit about where I’m taking my blog in the coming year.

I want to stay being a travel blog but I’m at a bit of a turbulent time in my life (aka I turned down a job and have been trying to hunt for another one and set up a freelance writing business on the side) so I’m low on funds at the moment. If I miraculously get a job soon I’ll be doing some short European trips so fingers crossed. If not, however, I’m going to focus more on my past trips to the United States, possibly some more travel tips and more lifestyle posts.

In terms of travel, the friend I spent last night with and I are planning on a trip through Colombia in the summer and then I’m hoping to go back to The States after that. Depending on circumstances, and where I am at that point in my life, I’ll either go to Australia or come back to the UK and complete my masters (being so indecisive is really bloody hard y’know?!)

Mondays and Wednesdays will be travel related posts, and Fridays and Sundays will be lifestyle (with Sundays being Dear Diary posts).

I’m also going to be making my posts more useful to people wanting to travel solo/on a budget/to places I have been to, to people who are struggling with mental health issues and to people who just want to brighten up their lives in some way- whether you want a complete lifestyle change or whether you want to know which books to read in the winter, I’ll have you covered!


Thanks for reading and I hope you had a good NYE wherever you celebrated. Also, remember to come back tomorrow morning for a huge post about all the best travel deals happening in the January sales and how to get the best deals!

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