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December Diary: Christmas Tat, Gift Shopping And Feminist Rejections

This is the second in my December Diary series. You can read the first one all about Victorian markets and Owls here.

This week we FINALLY put the Christmas decorations up after saying they were going up in November. I don’t know why they haven’t gone up sooner to be honest. I think we’re all just super busy and they weren’t a top priority.

We only have a 3ft tree as we don’t have room for a bigger one, but we still make it look nice. I was home alone on Tuesday night so I put the tree, that had just been hanging around in its box in the lounge for about a week, up. It was a white fibre optic one and it took me an absolute age to pull all of the branches out and rearrange them into an acceptable looking tree. But I eventually did it and it looked pretty nice, even if I do say so myself!

Except it was the wrong bloody tree, wasn’t it?!

So that tree came down and got thrown in the bin and our other, much nicer, tree got put up and decorated. To be honest, I’m not quite sure why we’ve got two Christmas trees just knocking about!

Anyway! The tree looks nice now, surrounded by all the rest of the Christmas tat lovely decorations, and I’m not bitter so moving on…

Apologies for the terrible quality, but this is our fireplace!

I started my gift shopping last week (yes, started) and got a grand total of 4 gifts (but I can’t tell you what I bought as I’ve recently found out my mum often lurks on my blog. Hi, mum *waves*). I just can’t with gifts. One of my favourite things in the world is wrapping lots of presents, making them look all nice, putting them in cute gift bags and giving them to people, but I absolutely HATE buying presents. I always have a plan to buy a few little gifts every now and then and buy bigger gifts nearer the day, but it never works out that way because life and laziness gets in the way. Every year it always ends up scarily close to Christmas and I have nothing to give to anyone. Every year I tell myself I’ll be more organised next year but it never happens.

I’m still telling myself the same thing this year, and I’m currently listening to Fairytale of New York which is giving me all the positive vibes, but who am I kidding?

One good thing about my shopping trip the other day, however, was I finally got my festive Costa. Huzzah! If you follow me on Twitter you’ll have seen that I’ve been craving one since they announced their festive menu so getting my first one of the year made me happy. I was originally going to go for the mint hot chocolate, which comes with a mini candy cane, but apparently it’s not suitable for vegetarians. I have no idea why; it’s probably something to do with the candy cane and gelatine/cochineal. Whatever it is, I’m not happy. I went for a honeycomb latte instead, though, and it was absolutely divine. And it’s got fewer calories than a hot chocolate so everyone’s a winner really!


On a non-christmassy note, I went out on Friday night with one of my old housemates. It was her friend’s birthday so she hired out the top floor of a bar and then afterwards a few of us went to a club. No, I didn’t gatecrash, I was 100% invited as a plus 1.

We had a few fishbowls at the bar, which I think I’m still recovering from now (either that or I’ve got a cold #perksofbeingold). I did, however, become 16 again in the club drinking my smirnoff ice’s. Stop judging, they’re nice and you know it! We all had a lot of fun on the bottom floor indie room until we ended up separated and me and my housemate ended up on our own on the top floor.

We were there for quite a while and went to the bar when there was around half an hour until closing time. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I work in a bar and let me tell you, you bet I’ve already started cleaning up this close to closing. I want to get home, y’know?

Well that’s what one of the girls was doing behind the bar; there was nobody for her to serve so she was cleaning/polishing the bar, because she probably hated life at this point and just wanted to go to bed before the sun came up. But, according to this drunk, arrogant guy who just appeared next to me, no, that is not okay for her to do that. He, before even telling me his name, proceeded to tell me all about how to work behind a bar and that polishing the bar before the morning shift is not acceptable. According to him she was ridiculous and didn’t know how to do her job properly.

Excuse me, what? If this guy starts all his conversations with strangers by slagging off other strangers well, he probably shouldn’t be talking to strangers.

As I’m not into talking trash about people (especially other women) I don’t know with other people I don’t know I shut that shit down straight away. I told him she was doing a great job, no matter how much he tried to get me to agree with him and eventually just walked away. I’ve called this feminist in the title because we should be sticking up for other women not putting each other down, especially when it comes to appeasing men, but I actually think it’s just about manners. If all you have to say about someone, especially someone you don’t know, is something that criticises them, just don’t say anything.

If this year has taught us anything it’s that we need to be kinder to each other. Just be nice, okay?

Thanks for reading if you still are. My December Diary will be back on Sunday next week!

What’s everyone been up to this week? Let me know in the comments!

December Diary 2: Christmas decorations, gift shopping and feminism (lifestyle post)
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