I didn’t get rejected!

So, a while back I made a post about a blogging job I was applying for at my university (optimistically titled ‘brace yourselves, rejection is coming‘) and I was fully prepared to be rejected, but guess what? I got the job! Yay! I feel like I implied that I thought it was a bad job but I’m extremely grateful to have been given my first ever writing job, and a paying one at that! And, I was under the impression that it was quite a small blog but apparently it averages around 8000 readers, and previous writers have even been given job offers through it. How good is that?

I had to write my first post recently and it was a challenge since I’m in the middle of a forest in the state of New York but I managed. I’m finding it difficult to think of topics though because of being so isolated at camp and having limited wifi means I don’t really know what’s going on generally in the world let alone what’s going on with my uni (all posts have to be linked to the uni somehow). I know what the next two posts are going to be but at the moment I’m stumped as to what to write about after that. I can post a minimum of three times a month so that gives me until August to think of a topic. Hopefully I can figure it out before then!

I’m also hoping to soon start documenting my travels around America on here, so if that’s something you’re interested in watch this space!

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