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I’m going on an adventure!

Oh my god, what am I doing?! I’m currently sitting in Birmingham Airport waiting to board my one-way flight to Dubrovnik (well I’m actually waiting for the gate to be announced because apparently announcing the gate number before it opens isn’t a thing here *rolls eyes*).

I’ve solo travelled before but only in America, which is obviously English speaking, so going somewhere entirely new and non-English speaking is quite terrifying! Not to mention it’ll be dark when I land, I’ll have to make my way across the city to the old town, and then I’ll have to find my hostel (and hostels are, in my opinion, always really difficult to find).

The airports is very busy this afternoon- way busier than when I flew from here a couple of months ago. I’m looking around and there’s a lot of families and couples (who, in my anxious state, I’m slightly envious of). There doesn’t seem to be anyone travelling on their own, and those who are are in business suits and buried into their laptops. There’s a girl on her own next to me who’s got one of those adult coloring books and I’m wishing I’d brought mine. I only have a book to read (the extremely cliche Eat, Pray, Love in case you’re wondering. I hate myself a little for that too!)

Anyway, I think my gate will finally be announced soon. I’ll hopefully keep you lovely readers updated throughout my travels so don’t forget to follow/subscribe so you never miss a post!

6 thoughts on “I’m going on an adventure!”

  • Dubrovnik is an easy spot as a solo traveller. I was there for four days last year and everyone spoke (very good if not fluent) English. You’ll be fine! 🙂

  • I think two of my friends went there together this summer just gone! Looks really beautiful.

    Out of curiosity, how did you find solo traveling? I want to try it some time in the future!

    • It’s such a beautiful place! I loved solo travelling. I was never on my own as I stayed in hostels and met people in different places and it was great just being able to do what I wanted on my own terms. The only thing I struggled with were eating at night as I’ve not got the confidence to eat at restaurants alone but most nights I had someone to go out with. I’d definitely need to

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