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Life Lately and Summer Travel Plans

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It’s currently early afternoon on a sunny Sunday and I’m still in bed. I feel like I’m definitely living my best life.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Sundays. When I was at school I used to hate them because the whole day would be full of dread for the next day. Then I started to like them when they became a family day. Then they were no longer a family day and they bored me. You get the idea.

Now, I live for lazy Sundays. Staying in bed for as long as possible with a good book, or catching up on blog posts I’ve missed during the week, or going old school writer and scribbling away in a notebook with a biro.

I love it.

Sunday mornings are the only time of the week when I really feel like I get to be me. There’s a lot of freedom to do what makes you happy that you don’t get in the week when you’re working a full time job (especially one which includes a 45 minute commute each way).

Speaking of work, I thought I might give you a little catch up on my new job (not that I think anyone’s really interested). A few months ago I was working an absolute hellish job at a bar because I desperately needed the money. I only lasted three weeks because it was honestly the most awful thing I’ve ever done and I was so grateful to my old boss for offering me a job in his office.

We run comedy shows around the country and we run a few venues at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (it’s actually called the Edinburgh Festival Fringe which blew my mind when I found out because I feel like the words ‘Festival’ and ‘Fringe’ should be switched around…). I genuinely love the people I work with and it’s quite a nice job. Ultimately though, it isn’t what I want to do in life so it’s not forever. Still, it’s nice to be able to plan for the future.

That’s turned into a 300 word ramble so let’s move on to summer plans, shall we?

Summer Travel Plans:

blue sky and tree in new york

I’m a pretty terrible travel blogger, aren’t I? I don’t travel that much because, truth me told, my bank balance is still stopping me. Most of my life updates this year have included a whine about not having any money but that’s why I’m not travelling as much as I’d like. I’ve only had my current job for four months and it doesn’t pay that well so it’s taking longer than I would have liked to build my balance up.

I am planning big things next year though, because I refuse to be sucked into the world of 9-5s and soulless cubicles before I’ve had a few adventures. Watch this space!

I’m also a terrible travel blogger in the sense that I don’t usually plan trips that far in advance so I don’t get to tell you beautiful people my plans way before I go. I usually end up writing about them as I’m about to board a plane like I did when I went to Croatia last year.

Everything else in my life is done at the last possible moment so I don’t see why travel should be any different!

This summer I do have a few plans put into place already, and a few that are mere ideas and will probably be booked the day before I embark on them. Here’s what’s in the pipeline:


  • A weekend in Brighton: My dad lives in Brighton and I’m going to spend the weekend with them next weekend for his wife’s birthday. I’m also meeting his parents, who are flying over from Belfast for the occasion, and I’m pretty nervous about it! He doesn’t have space in his house so I’m staying a hotel on the seafront, right by the pier. I’m hoping I won’t be too hungover on the Sunday so that I can get up early and go for a wander with my camera.


  • A day in London: I’m leaving Brighton on Sunday and I’m hoping to spend the night and the next day in London before catching the train back to The Midlands. I spend a lot of time in London for specific things, or passing through on my way to somewhere else, but I’ve never spent that much time there as a tourist. I’m hoping to spend some time in east London, exploring Shoreditch and Brick Lane.


  • Edinburgh Fringe: Yep, I’m going to be spending the whole month of August in Edinburgh working at the Fringe. I’m quite nervous for some reason. I think it’s because I’m going with people I know but don’t know that well, and I’ve seen how stressful just the planning can get so I can only imagine what actually being there is like! I’m also quite excited because I know many people dream of experiencing the Fringe and I get to be there for the whole month, meeting performers and seeing shows. And Edinburgh is a stunning city so who wouldn’t want to be there for a month?


  • Turkey or The Balkans with Busabout: I mentioned in my travel bucket list post that I have my eye on a tour of Turkey with Busabout, but I’ve also spotted The Ultimate Balkan tour with them. I think The Balkans might win because, although I’ve only been to Croatia and Slovenia, they were enough to tell me I want to explore the whole, gorgeous region. Also, there’s more beach time with The Balkan tour which is quite appealing. A girl needs her Vitamin Sea!

I know group tours are somewhat frowned upon in the travel blogging community but, even though I do like the freedom of solo travel, organised tours can offer you a bit more stability. I loved the Trek America I did because there was no pressure to constantly plan your days or wonder how to get to certain places. I also liked the fact that there was a whole group of people to go out to dinner and to explore the nightlife with every night. Yes you get that in hostels but sometimes you can find yourself in an empty hostel, or surrounded by people you don’t want to go out with, and night times can become a bit lonely on a solo tour.

Anyway, that’s something for another post! This has turned into a bit of a word vom so I think I’ll leave it there.

What’s everyone got planned for this summer? Let me know in the comments!


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