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Life Lessons from 2016

As my Life Lessons from 2015 post was so popular last year, I thought it was only right to do another one this year!

I think we, as a planet, can all agree that this year has been a colossal shit show. Politics and politicians the world over need to take a long hard look at what it has/they have become, people need to start being more compassionate towards others and realise that we’re all from the same race regardless of where in the world we come from, and for the love of god, can celebrities stop dying please?!

For me personally this year has been a bit of a mixed bag. I graduated with a 2:1 in psychology, I got to know my dad and little sisters, I reconnected with old friends, and I did a bit of travelling- ticking a couple more countries off my list. I also got offered a job in my field almost straight out of uni (but have since turned it down- long story), and took up a volunteering role to mentor offenders.

However, I lost some friends (probably for the better), had to say goodbye to my housemates who have been there throughout my university journey, had to move back home, and I couldn’t travel as much as I’d like.

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That being said, as great or as difficult as some of the things that have happened- both personally to me and to the world on a more global scale- may be, they have provided some important life lessons. If there are some positive things we can take from this year, it’s these life lessons:

  • People aren’t as nice as you hoped, but there’s always better people willing to shout a little louder about the things that really matter. It’s these people you need to listen to in troubling times like this year (and, unfortunately the years ahead), as they offer hope for a better place and a more compassionate human race.



  • You are more capable than you think. I’ve spent so long thinking that I’m not good enough, and I spent my whole degree convinced that I was failing but, I graduated with the second highest classification you can get, and I got offered a job and a volunteering role which is related to my field. I’ve also had my writing more recognised after spending years doubting myself. If you put your mind to something you really want, you can achieve it. You ARE good enough and you ARE capable.


  • Being out of you comfort zone is a good thing sometimes. As I mentioned before I went to Dubrovnik this summer I was scared about travelling solo in a country where I don’t speak the language, but I need not have worried. Stepping out of your comfort zone makes you realise your capabilities as it forces you to find the strength to deal with difficulties. No matter what being out of your comfort zone means to you- travelling solo, travelling to a challenging country, getting a new job, or even something like driving on a motorway for the first time- being there will challenge you and give your confidence a massive boost when you realise it’s not that bad after all!


  • Good friendships are not built around gossiping about other people. I learnt that one the hard way. If you’re around friends who are putting others down and it makes you uncomfortable, call them out. If they won’t stop you’re better off without them.


  • Great things can come from telling a friend you miss them.I sent a drunken message to my high school best friend after four years of being apart at the start of this year and guess what? She missed me too and we’re friends again. If you regret that you stopped speaking to someone, let them know! What’s the worst that can happen?


  • It’s never too late to realise things about yourself.Yes, thanks to Kylie Jenner this year is officially ~the year of realizing stuff~ so you should have realised some stuff this year, okay? In all seriousness, you should expect to always be learning new things about yourself because you’re always growing and changing as a person.


  • People and feelings change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Sometimes people don’t change but your feelings towards them do. It’s all okay. If you realise you don’t want to be around someone anymore, don’t stay because you once loved them. If you once really didn’t like someone but now think they’re okay, that’s great. Don’t worry about what others think.


So, thanks 2016, you’ve been a bit awful but some good life lessons have come from you.

Has 2016 been a good or bad year for you? What have you learnt from it? Let me know in the comments!


Life Lessons to take from 2016- put the world to writes
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6 thoughts on “Life Lessons from 2016”

  • I think that out of all the things that happened this year, for me at least, losing friends was the hardest part. Like everything else in 2016 had to happen, but losing friends didn’t need to happen you know? In hindsight it’s for the best, but you never realize it while you’re going through the shit show haha.

    Let’s hope 2017 will be another year of growth!

    • Yeah i know what you mean! It’s difficult when you lose a friend but sometimes it is for the best and yeah you don’t realise that at the time aha Hopefully 2017 will be better for us all!

  • These are good lessons to learn! I think it’s hard to remember them when you’re having the issues though 🙁

    Corinne x

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