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Monthly Round-Up: January 2018

January is over and it only lasted 939389 months!

For me personally it’s been different to the month I had planned – and I’ve spent way more money than I expected to as well! It’s also the start of me sorting my life out… finally.

Overall, January has been a good month but I am glad that it’s finally over. Here’s what I got up to in the month that spanned decades:


London – I went to see Paramore at the o2 arena on the 12th and ended up staying in London for the whole weekend. I slept on a tiny little sofa in Deptford, spent far too much money, learnt some stuff at the science museum, had a not-so-nice hungover ride on the DLR, ate some great food, partied at a fancy flat in Nine Elms, then had an even better time at a dingy little South East pub drinking cheap alcohol and crowding round the quiz machine with a group of strangers. It was one of the loveliest spontaneous trips, and trips to London, I’ve ever had.


Wollaton Hall – My flatmate and I went for a walk around Wollaton Hall (where they filmed Batman) at the beginning of January. It was cold and muddy but it was a lovely way to spend a day. I also got very close to some tame deer!



I’m currently reading Into The Water by Paula Hawkins, the author of The Girl On The Train. It’s very different to TGOTT and, even this close to the end, I’m not sure if I like it. I think there are too many different POVs and the characters are all unlikeable.



I finally bought ‘The Power’ the other day and I’m very excited to start reading!



Friends – Now it’s on Netflix I’ve started watching from the beginning (well, season three as season one and two aren’t that great #sorrynotsorry).


That 70s show – I was introduced to this a couple of days ago and now I’m hooked. I don’t know why I didn’t watch this when I was younger.




Paramore: Like I mentioned above I went to see Paramore on the 12th and it was amazing. I last went to see them in 2009, just before they split up and when they weren’t in a great place. It was a great show then but very different to the one I saw this month. A guy in the audienced summed it up perfectly when asked by his younger friend why there weren’t many scene kids there; These people are mostly people in their twenties with proper jobs who were scene kids when they first fell in love with Paramore.


I quit my job: My job in comedy sounds interesting, and it was fun at first, but now I don’t do anything and I could be using the time I’m sitting around pretending to look busy in the office to apply for jobs related to my degree, or volunteering, or writing. I’m hoping to get psychology related job soon but I have enough savings to last me a month or two. I’m looking forward to having a break.


Planning blog content: I haven’t posted on here all month but I’ve been writing posts. I said at the start of the year that I am re-evaluating my content and posting more about politics and my opinions, and all that is coming, I just want to plan it all out first!


Some blog posts I’ve loved this month –

Why I hate women’s fiction by – such a great take on the genre ‘chick lit’ and one I’ve not really considered until now. Why do we not value women’s fiction?

Let me introduce myself by – I loved Zoe’s idea to re-introduce herself. Many bloggers – me included – write many posts, some of which are personal, but don’t really tell readers much about themselves.

Am I even vegan? I think not by – As someone who has been an on and off vegan for four years I loved this post! It’s about doing what you can to help animals and the environment but not getting hung up over labels or trying to be 100% vegan when, sometimes, that isn’t attainable.


What’s everyone else been up to this January? Let me know in the comments

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