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My Favourite Things About Christmas


festive wrapping presents christmas 2016

festive wrapping presents christmas 2016 2

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Happy Christmas Eve, Eve!

I realise that it’s two days until Christmas and, apart from having next to no presents for people (I’ve got my cat and dog more than I’ve got my stepdad so far…), I’ve not posted about my favourite Christmassy things yet!

I’m also posting this because I’m really enjoying writing regular posts but I don’t want to be writing any important ones before the new year. Does that make sense? I hope it does! In the new year I’m hoping to have a little bit of a rebrand (and hopefully a bit of a theme change) and I’ve got a load of brilliant ideas for blog posts  that I’m so excited for you guys to read.

Anyway, have a good Christmas if you celebrate. Here are my favourite things about the festive season and the big day itself:

Seeing the streets filled with Christmas lights

Festive hot drinks

Driving along listening to festive music

Planning a wrapping paper colour scheme

Wandering around all the seasonal aisles in shops

Seeing everyone’s Christmas jumpers

Reading festive blog posts and when my fave bloggers do blogmas

Putting the decorations up

Receiving Christmas cards (even though I don’t send them)

Visiting German markets and soaking up the atmosphere

Eating all the food

Not feeling guilty for eating 482098 calories a day because of the excuse ‘it’s Christmas’

Watching the great films they put on over the holiday season

Watching Elf

Wrapping presents listening to my festive playlist

Making my presents look cute with ribbon

Spending more time with family

The feeling when you go to bed on Christmas eve knowing it’s the big day tomorrow

Playing games as a family on Christmas day

Being able to have alcohol and chocolate for breakfast on Christmas day

Receiving gifts

Giving gifts and making people happy

What are some of your favourite things about the holidays? Let me know in the comments!


The best things about the festive season and christmas day- put the world to writes
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