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My Top 10 Posts Of 2019

As we come to the end of 2019 – and the end of the decade (!) – it’s a good time to reflect on the year just gone.

Despite having never done a ‘top ten blog posts of the year’ post before, I have always taken an interest in my stats around the end of December. Usually it’s due to a feeling of newness and of optimism that the year ahead is finally going to be the year that I put all of my effort into my blog and make a go of it (of course, it never is but it can’t hurt to be a little optimistic, can it?). This year I thought it’d be helpful to put in a blog post; not only will it be helpful for me to look back on this time next year, but it might be helpful to others who are trying to figure out what is working for other bloggers.

So, what is in the top ten this year? There are a lot of city guides. A couple of new posts written this year and a couple written a while ago but which have started to take off this year. The number one spot is still held by the same post that has held it for the last three years. Keep reading to find out which one that is!

10) 8 Unique Things You Absolutely Must Do In Croatia

I wrote this after I returned from my month long, spontaneous trip around Croatia and Slovenia back in 2016. It always hovers around the tenth most popular post of the year as Croatia remains a destination that is popular as ever. Tips include a Blue Grotto boat tour and The Museum of Broken Relationships

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9) Liverpool City Guide: How To Be A Proper Tourist In The City

Black and white Albert Dock at night

This post was written a couple of years ago but it seems to have become popular this year. There has been a spike in staycations and UK city breaks which have coincided with this post’s popularity. Maybe it’s time to write more about home in 2020?

More UK reading:

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8) Photo Diary: Picture Perfect Portugal

A new entry at number 8 and it’s from my solo trip to The Algarve earlier this year. Photo Diaries don’t usually do that well but photography is one of the things I really love, so I’m pleased this is popular. The Algarve was a popular destination this summer which probably had something to do with this post’s appearance on this list.

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7) I’ll Never Be An Instagram ‘It Girl’ – and That’s Okay

A non-travel related post that did well last year too. I think it speaks to everyone who enjoys Instagram but always feels a little bit inadequate when they can’t gain the popularity of those bigger accounts and whose photos never quite compare, but which are lovely in their own right. All those accounts are too similar and people will get bored one day.

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6) Christmas Gift Guide: DIY Homemade Gifts for the Traveller in Your Life

Surprisingly, this post has been doing well all year round so I’m glad people are finding it useful for other gift giving occasions. This post has been popular every December since I wrote it but it’s never made it into the top ten of the year before. I wrote this post on a whim after worrying that I didn’t have enough festive content, but it’s obviously paid off as it’s bringing in traffic.

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5) What It’s Really Like On A Trek America Tour

I really loved writing this post back in early 2016, as I really loved going on this trip. It’s been popular ever since it was posted and it’s no surprise to see it back in the top ten posts of the year. When I published this post I was going through a stage of really trying hard to learn everything there is to learn about SEO which may help to explain why it’s always so popular.

More USA reading:

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4) Blogging Isn’t Dead – It’s Just Boring

A controversial post I wrote at the beginning of this year when, truth be told, I was a bit jaded by this whole blogging thing. I was reading post after post by ‘big’ bloggers who were declaring blogging is dead because they no longer read them, and I was a bit bored by it all. I’m glad it resonates with so many of you!

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3) Solo Travel Guide: Split, Croatia

My Croatia content has driven a lot of traffic to my blog in the last three years, and Split is ever increasing in popularity as a travel destination, so it’s no surprise to see my solo travel guide to Split so high up on this list. My solo travel content seems to be being read by more and more people every year, which either means more people are taking the plunge and taking a solo trip, or more people are becoming curious about it. Either way, it’s an exciting trend.

A Late Summer Solo Stroll Around Lake Bled

A Girl Alone In New York City

To The People I Met On My First Proper Solo Trip

2) A Guide To The Best Nightlife in Las Americas, Tenerife

I’ve been very vocal about how much I disliked my graduation trip to Tenerife, but what I do like is how popular this post has been since I wrote it. It has been my second most viewed post for the last three years running. I was told by someone a few years ago that posts about nightlife usually do well because not as many people write about it, and I guess they were right.

More Tenerife reading:

Photo Diary: A Week In Tenerife

1) The 7 Things Every Game of Thrones Fan Must Do In Dubrovnik

What do you get when you cross a very popular travel destination with the biggest (and best) TV show of the decade? A very popular blog post, that’s what. I never went to Dubrovnik with the intention of creating popular blog posts; I went knowing I wanted to do a GoT tour and get away from real life for as long as I could. I didn’t do research for this post, and I didn’t plan it in advance, I just became a huge fan of both Dubrovnik and GoT. I’m very glad I wrote this though as, since 2016, I would say this post has brought in around 75% of my blog traffic for those three years – and it isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.

If you want to download this blogpost as a handy walking guide, you can do so here (affiliate link). That means you can do this tour by yourself if you find yourself in Dubrovnik anytime soon.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of these posts . Happy new year!

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