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My First Visit To NYC (Part 3)

Sunday 07/12
We woke up a little later on Sunday thanks to the girl setting her alarm a bit later, grabbed breakfast at the hostel then walked to Central Park. We were quite near the top of the park and we’d decided to hire a bike, but after advice from a local that it’s far too dangerous to ride a bike through Central Park on a Sunday morning we decided to walk instead. After then deciding it was way too hot to walk we got the subway to the centre of the park where the lake and other attractions are. Most of our points of reference were movies and tv shows but, hey, at least we knew what we were looking at! We had group photos on the steps, on the statue of Hans Christian Anderson and on the Alice in Wonderland statue.

At this part of Central Park you could easily think you’ve been transported back to Europe!


Alice in Wonderland

After we’d had enough sun in the park we went shopping on fifth avenue. I had to go to the Apple Store to replace my broken Phone so missed out on a lot of shops but the ones I did see were amazing. I’m still amazed by the fact that Apple stores here are just glass boxes on the shop level with elevators down to the store. I’m also amazed by the fact that they managed to sort my phone out relatively quickly and do it without making you feel like you’re a burden or they don’t want to be doing it. It’s a shocking, but pleasant difference to customer service back in the UK! (Also, shout out to Apple US who honoured my European warranty and replaced my phone for free instead of charging me $270, which they could so easily have done.)

When we had finally had enough we met with some others from camp for a last meal on Times Square before embarking on a mad sprint to Grand Central to catch our train home (we made it with 1 minute to spare. Go team). Even the train ride home was lovely as its over the Hudson and we caught it at sunset (I like sunsets, can you tell?). I think I can safely say this weekend in NYC has been the best weekend of my life so far. It is hands down the best city I’ve ever been to. The people are lovely (despite what is widely believed of them), the views are astonishing, the atmosphere is like nowhere else on earth. New York, you have my heart and this is not the last you’ll see of me.

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