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To the people I met on my first real solo trip…

cocktails in split

To Adrianna, the Canadian girl I met in Dubrovnik, the first person I met on this trip and the person who helped me to explore and fall in love with Dubrovnik.

To Jason, the guy from South Korea who came and ate pizza with me by the sea in Split, who explored the palace with me for the first time, who bought me dinner and who helped me to sample the cocktail bars along the Riva.

To the not creepy Australian guy in my room in Split who was so warm and lovely to chat to, despite our chat being quite brief.

To the cleaner in Split who gave me a bottle of sun cream.

To Christian, the Italian guy who came over to chat to me at the beach in Split. The guy who came out for dinner and drinks with me twice, and who encouraged me to spend an extra day in Split because of our lovely chat about serendipity and fate that we had at 2am with our feet dangling over the water.

dark sea in zadar

To the receptionist at the Old Town Hostel, Zadar who seemed mad in the best possible way and who made my stay in a pretty terrible hostel that little bit better.

To the German guy with your adorable son in the bell tower in Zadar who was counting the steps aloud on the way down.

To the German guy in Zadar who started a game of charades with me as a way of asking where the sea organ was.

To the bakery assistant with the gorgeous smile who held my hand a little too long when handing me my change one morning. 

To the guy in my hostel room in Zagreb who was the first British guy I met on this trip and who I had a great late night chat with about Slovenia.

To the others in my room in Zagreb, it’s a shame we didn’t get to chat longer because you all seemed awesome.

To Channelle, who explored Zagreb and its art park with me on our last day in the city. I’m glad I got to show someone around and I’m glad I got to show you a better side to the place (even though you made me get interviewed by the news on my own).

To the people of Zagreb who showed me a different side to Croatians.

art park zagreb

To the receptionist in the hostel in Ljubljana who reminded me of the cook at the summer camp I worked at last year. You were the greatest, from taking lots of time to tell me about the city and things to do despite me checking in at a very busy time, to getting me a new towel when mine went missing and the other receptionist took too long, to chatting to me about my day.

To Ryan, the British guy I met on the walking tour in Ljubljana, and who I had lunch with afterwards. We didn’t introduce ourselves to each other until we were going our separate ways and gave two strangers a good laugh.

To the girl in McDonald’s who gave me free ketchup because the group of guys next to me were stressing her out.

To the German guy in the bed above me in Ljubljana, who I had a great (comforting) chat with about Brexit and who was just an all-round great guy.

To the Australian family I met on the boat to the island in Lake Bled, who I had a great chat with and explored the bell tower with.

To the taxi driver who drove me to the airport in Ljubljana who barely spoke a word of English but who still wanted to chat and who told me, proudly, about how the airport was the smallest in Europe and ‘like a bus stop’.

Thank you to every single one of you for being part of my first proper solo travelling journey. It wouldn’t have been the same without you and you’ve helped me to see the good in people. It’s because of you lovely people that I want to solo travel again in the hope of meeting some more people who are just as wonderful.

love heart lake bled

To the not so good people I met on the road:

To the Brazilian couple who were the reason why I was being woken up by the police at 2am on my first night in Dubrovnik.

To the creepy Australian guy and the Finnish girl you had sex with in the bunk above me at 5am in Split.

To the woman who yelled at me in a Konzum in Zadar because I only knew how to answer your question in English.

To the German-Croatian guy in Split who decided it was okay to stoke my face without permission.

To the band who stayed in my hostel room in Ljubljana, who made the hostel lock the door despite them never locking doors, who handed my towel into reception thinking it was theirs when I was out one day, and who thought it was okay to shout and scream all night in a shared dorm. 

Thank you for being part of my journey. It may not have been great meeting you at the time but you’ve definitely given me some stories to tell! 

message in the bell tower in lake bled
Here’s a lovely little message to end the post on. Remember to be kind to everyone you meet as you never know how much your kindness will make an impact on them.

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