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Going Back To The Beginning

I’ve always said that the moment I fell in love with writing was the moment I learned how to hold a pen. Whilst that may be a slight exaggeration, I struggle to remember a time when I didn’t write. Fiction mainly, but no style has ever been off limits.

That’s why I started a blog in the first place- to give myself an outlet for my writing that wasn’t just a folder of my printed work stashed away in my bedroom.

But somewhere along the line, that outlet became something else. It became another place in the competition of who can write the most relatable lists, who has the most hilarious writing style, and who can photograph the most pinterest-worthy flatlay. Now though, I’ve realised that, not only can I not keep up with it all, I don’t want to.


I made this decision a few weeks ago, on a Sunday morning. I sat in bed, wrapped in a duvet, staring at the blank screen of my laptop in front of me. The glaring white hurt my eyes in the dimly lit room and the screen started to blur. Next to me was a list of blog post ideas that usually do well for other bloggers; self-care tips, how to stay motivated, how to take great photos with an Iphone.

To the other side of me lay my ‘passion notebook’ (which is not the seedy little black book that I’ve just made it sound like!). It contains all the things I really want to be writing about: the beginnings of short stories, yet another story about a city I’ve fallen in love with but that I don’t think I can post because I’ve posted too many things about this one place already, personal anecdotes and life updates.

I felt like I needed to choose one or the other. Now that I have a full time job, money to see friends more often, and a new relationship (which I had up until a few days ago), I have next to no free time to write, and I really don’t want to be spending the limited time I do have writing about things I have little interest in.

I’m going to go back to writing for me and those who happen to enjoy what I post.

blossom tree one

From now on, on this blog, there won’t be any half-arsed motivational lists, anything written for the sake of producing content, or perfect, bright white flatlays (not that there was anyway). Instead you’ll get to know what books I’m reading and what cities I’ve fallen in love with maybe recently, maybe a while ago. You’ll get to see some more of the photographs that I’ve taken lately and read the short stories that I scribble down in the middle of the night.

There will, of course, still be city guides, relatable lists and reviews, but they won’t be written for the sake of being written.

In these last few months, whilst I haven’t posted anything, I never once thought about giving up this blog, but I did know I wanted to take it in a new direction. I’ve just not had time to sit down, write some posts, and plan this new direction. I think I’ve gotten myself back on track now though, so there will (hopefully) be regular posts from now on.

I love this blog and I love to write, I just needed a break to go back to the beginning and remember why I started.


Going Back to the beginning and remembering why I started blogging
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4 thoughts on “Going Back To The Beginning”

  • This post made me so happy! I’ve got so many ideas for new blog but my number one rule is that I’m writing for me and not for what I think someone else will like. I want to write because I want to write and not because I feel like I should. I don’t know, this post just made me super happy! Write whatever you want and don’t write because you feel that something might be liked more than what you originally wanted to write because personally I always think the best posts are the ones you truly wanted to write anyway! Xx

    • Aw that’s such a lovely comment, thank you! I 100% agree, it definitely makes your writing better if you’re writing what you want to write.x

  • You’re absolutely right! Blogging should be about someone’s actual interests and not ‘everyone’s’ interests. By giving your thoughts a voice instead of trying to voice thoughts I think we all could create something completely different!

    It’s good to be introspective from time to time and think about what you are doing and whether that is what you want (and what to do about it to change it if it isn’t). Good for you that you’ve taken the leap and follow your gut instinct! I haven’t posted for a few months and am now trying to write some blogposts ‘behind the scenes’. I now try, when my heart isn’t in it, to reflect on why that is (why am I writing this? Why do I care about writing it?). Based on my answers I try to either change the POV or shift the topic until I like it.

    I think it will pay off in the end. Not neccessarily in views or subscribers or whatever, but in the way you think about your blog and the pride you can take in it (which helps, I think).


    • Thanks for your comment! I think you definitely have the right approach- really reflecting on why you’re not enjoying writing what you’re writing. Since I’ve been doing this, and only writing about things I enjoy writing about I’ve noticed such a big improvement in my writing and my motivation!

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