Re-evaluating my blog content for 2018

In this current climate of massive (negative) change and hatred firmly planting itself in society, blogging seems like a very difficult task. Don’t get me wrong, I still love this little space of mine and I love writing, but it’s hard to find the motivation to write about my month or about why I hate my job when people around the world are being forced out of their home countries, degraded because of their gender, and killed because of the colour of their skin.
Writing about my life used to be a form of escapism – something I’d do on a lazy Sunday morning, but now that all seems superficial…

I’ve shied away from writing topical or opinionated posts in the past for fear that I won’t do them justice. That I won’t find the right words to say or that I’ll say them in the wrong way. But I can’t shy away from it now. I don’t want to be quiet anymore; I can’t be quiet anymore. So, in 2018 you can expect to see more opinions from me. I want to write about the issues worth fighting for (those that I can speak on as I don’t want to speak over people). I want to introduce politics to my blog. I want to show you the books I’m reading to educate myself further on racism, or the cruelty free products I’m loving. I want to write about my experience as a (newly out) member of the LGBT+ community and I want to tell you why catcalling and slut-shaming is unacceptable.

In 2018 I want to become a better person and one who fights for a better world filled with compassion, and I want my blog to come with me and reflect the person I hope I will be.

Of course I still love writing about the trips I’ve been on recently, and I love compiling lists about countries I’ve visited so these will remain. I’ll also continue to write the ‘superficial’ life lately or dear diary posts, I’ll write about the latest fiction novel I’ve just devoured or which creepy podcasts I think you should be listening to (and, if I was a beauty/fashion blogger I’d continue writing about my latest hauls) as I believe you can be switched on to what’s happening in the world whilst writing about the things that bring you joy in your daily life.

I’ve noticed that I’m not the only blogger making a change like this which is great. It means people aren’t passively watching from the sidelines anymore and people with a platform (no matter how small) are using it for good to counter-act those who abuse their positions. I truly believe that the more people who start speaking up for what they believe in the better the world and the people in it will become.

Re-evaluating my content for 2028 -
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  • YES! I love this! Honestly blogging is so BORING nowadays because no one shares any real opinions! GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR OPINIONS I am ready to devour them.

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