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September Round-Up: A Lot Of Time In London

September has been a bit of a weird one for me; it’s felt like the longest month of the year but not in an oh god this month is dragging when will it end?! kind of way, but in the sense that so much has happened.

I’ve spent most of it trying to recover from the Edinburgh Fringe (you can read about my experience here), preparing for the next thing which is a ten day event we (as in the company I work for) are running in Nottingham, and seeing more of the first city I fell in love with – London.

I’ve also done a lot of re-evaluating this month. I think I know what I want from life right now but I don’t know how to go about it. I’m feeling a little bit trapped. I always had this dream of moving to London straight after graduation and getting a good graduate job and going to all the wanky events that every other 22 year old Londoner seems to be attending. But finances meant that didn’t happen and I’ve now fallen into a job that I love but that isn’t getting me any closer to my dream career. I want to travel but also want stability. I’m also on the hunt for a house to rent in Nottingham with a pal who’s just moved up here. House-hunting feels a little bit like something else to trap me into a life I don’t really want and it’s sent me into a bit of a panic. If anyone has any tips on how to sort my messy life out that will be wonderful!

Anyway, here’s this months’ round-up:


hello london

-St Albans: My best friend from uni lives here so, after I came back from Edinburgh, I went to visit. She showed me around the town, the Roman park and mosaic, the cathedral, and the oldest pub in England. It’s somewhere that I would never have visited if it wasn’t for her living there but it’s a nice little town. It’d be a great trip away from London.

-London (for a tourist day out): On my second day in St Albans we caught the train down to London and I did lots of the touristy things I’ve never done before. We went to the Museum of London first. It’s not the most interesting museum but it’s worth a visit to learn about Roman London, life before London existed and life in Victorian times. We then went to Covent Garden and paid way too much money for a designer Magnum from the pop-up Magnum store. Afterwards we headed down to Leicester Square, saw a bit of the Victoria & Abdul premiere, had our ‘colour read’ in the M&M store, and then hopped on a tube to South Bank where we drank cider in a beer garden and ate gourmet pizza.

-London (for a job interview): I went down to London last week again for a job interview which could have put me onto the path to where I want to be. I didn’t get it and, on reflection, I’m glad as I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it. I did, however, have a lovely day in Islington, drinking cold brew coffee in hipster cafes before heading into the Harry Potter store on my way back home through King’s Cross.

What I Read

Killing Kate by Alex Lake: What would you do if you returned home from a girl’s holiday to find out that a serial killer is operating in your town – and their victims all look like you? That’s exactly what happens to Kate when she returns to home from Turkey. It,understandably, freaks her out. Could it be her ex-boyfriend who hasn’t taken the break-up well, or someone else who has their eye on her?

I enjoyed this book even though I managed to guess who it was and the ‘twists and turns’ quite near to the beginning. It would a be a good thriller to read on a beach.

What I Watched

tv collage

-The X-Files: I’m not sure why I’ve never watched The X-Files before but I’m absolutely hooked!

-Rick & Morty: After three different people suggested I watch it in the space of a week I decided to give it a go. It’s a silly yet hilarious cartoon for grown-ups. If you’ve not watched it yet, you should.

-Orphan Black (Season 5): This quickly became one of my favourite shows last year and I binged the first four seasons. Season five did not disappoint. I’m sad that this was the last season ever but it’s probably for the best as it got to finish on a high.

Blog Posts I’ve Loved

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What did you get up to in September? Let me know in the comments!


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