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The Vegan Kind Beauty Box Review – Cruelty-Free Goodies Straight To Your Door*

I don’t usually do beauty posts on here but I am trying to incorporate more posts about veganism and shopping cruelty free so, when the guys at The Vegan Kind got in touch and asked if I wanted to review one of their vegan beauty boxes, I jumped at the chance.  

In this day and age there is absolutely no reason to exploit animals for our own selfish gains (yes, that includes eating them as well as testing beauty products on them). The problem is, once you’ve decided to go vegan, it can often be difficult to know where to begin when switching out non-vegan products for vegan and cruelty free ones. This is why I love the idea of this subscription box so much; you get cruelty free, vegan beauty products delivered straight to your door every month so you can try it out before buying your own.  

I really wish I’d known about this subscription sooner to be honest as I’ve wasted so much money on new products only to find that my skin doesn’t react well to them.  

 the vegan kind beauty box one

Who are TheVeganKind? 

The Vegan Kind are the UK’s most popular vegan subscription box. They have subscription boxes full of vegan and cruelty free goodies from snacks to cosmetics. They’re based in Glasgow and run by a team of passionate vegans and, as a company, they’re committed to making incorporating vegan food and products into everyone’s daily lives easy to do.  


What’s in the box?  

This is June’s box so whenever you start subscribing you will be sent a different box to the one I have (although you can still buy June’s box if you like the look of the products inside). Inside there’s a great mix of hair and face products as well as a make-up brush, a perfume and a couple of leaflets with competitions and a description of each product. 

-Eden Perfume (RRP £7.20 for 10ml) – Eden are a perfume company based in Brighton. Their perfumes are cruelty free and use only vegan ingredients to recreate popular perfumes that are currently not cruelty free. On their website there’s a search bar where you can put in your favourite perfume and they will suggest one of their vegan alternatives that smells very similar. The one in The Vegan Kind subscription box is number 78 and, according to Eden’s website, smells very similar to Lady Million by Paco Rabanne.  

I’m so happy to finally have a vegan perfume as I’ve been wanting to start wearing perfume again for a long time but finding cruelty free ones on the high street is almost impossible (or so it seems). I’ve been hesitant to order online as they’re expensive and it’s a huge waste of money if you don’t like it when it arrives. I absolutely love the one in the subscription box though and I will now be a life-long customer! It smells sweet and floral but it isn’t over powering. the vegan kind beauty box three

-Spectrum collection make-up brush (RRP £9.99) – Every blogger under the sun seems to have a make-up brush from Spectrum Collections and, now I’ve got my hands on one, it’s easy to see why. Not only is this brush a rainbow of gorgeous florescent colours, it’s super soft too.  

Bloomtown lip balm (RRP £4.80) – Lip Balm was definitely one of the last things that I thought about when I started swapping my products out for vegan and cruelty free versions so it’s great that it’s included in subscription boxes like this as it’ll give others a reminder. The lip balm smells lovely (I’m a sucker for anything berry flavoured), but it seems a little difficult to actually get out of the tub and onto my finger to apply it so I’m thinking I’ll need to use more than usual. That being said it makes my lips feel really soft and it’ll be great in the Winter (although after this heatwave I’m starting to think Winter was just a myth). 

Umberto Giannini Pool protect hair cream (RRP £8) – My hair is terrible and so dry at the moment – and I’m sure all of this sun isn’t doing great things for anyone else’s hair either. Not only does this hair cream protect against colour fade it also repels water to stop your hair getting tangled up when you’re swimming, and it conditions. I will try pretty much anything on my hair if it promises to make it less dry so I’m very happy this was included. This also seems like a great addition to your cosmetics bag when travelling. 

-Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil (RRP £29.90) – This is my favourite product in the box. I used it last night and it smells so divine and made my skin feel the softest it’s ever felt! It’s full of minerals and vitamins to rejuvenate your skin, and it also moistures, protects and hydrates your skin. It’s the most expensive product in the box but you only need one or two tiny drops to feel its full effects.  

the vegan kind beauty box two-Tropika coconut cleansing oil (RRP £4.99)- This award-winning oil is completely natural and sustainably produced which is not only great news for the environment it’s promising for my sensitive skin too. Like I’ve mentioned before I find it difficult to find cleansers that my skin doesn’t react badly to but this sounds like it’ll good for me. I love products with coconut oil in them as they make my skin so smooth so I’m excited to try this out. However, I have dabbed a bit on my skin already and it feels quite greasy because of the olive oil so I’m expecting to have to wash my face thoroughly after using it. 


The Verdict 

I honestly think this is such a great idea especially for people struggling to adopt a vegan lifestyle or for those who want to be introduced to some new vegan/cruelty free brands and products. The lifestyle box subscription is £10 per month and the beauty one is £18 per two months, which, considering the box I was sent was worth over £60, isn’t a bad price at all!  

I find it so difficult to find beauty products that don’t irritate my skin so when I made the criteria vegan and cruelty free that made it so much harder. It gets very expensive buying new products only to find that they’re not good on my skin so a subscription box is a good way to try before you commit. I also love the mix of products in this box – although there are two cleansing oils which may be annoying if you already have a favourite cleanser but I’m happy as I’m struggling to find one I love.  

The fact that a perfume has been included has given me the kick I needed to actually go and find a cruelty free perfume so I can start wearing it again. Not only that but it’s introduced me to a few brands that I’ve never heard of before but which I will now be a life-long customer of.  


Where can you get your own? 

Visit to subscribe and get your own boxes delivered straight to your door every month. Currently the beauty box can only be delivered to the UK but the lifestyle box can be shipped worldwide. There’s no obligation to subscribe long-term as you can end your subscription at any time.  

They also have a supermarket on their website which has loads and loads of vegan cosmetics and food. I can definitely see myself spending an absolute fortune there… 

Has anyone ever had a subscription box from The Vegan Kind before? What did you think? Are you thinking of subscribing? Let me know in the comments!

*The Vegan Kind kindly gifted me the subscription box in exchange for an honest review, but all views are my own.

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2 thoughts on “The Vegan Kind Beauty Box Review – Cruelty-Free Goodies Straight To Your Door*”

  • The perfume and facial oil look the best out of these for me, and so I would definitely consider going out and purchasing them anyway. I love the idea of this box, as having a vegan, cruelty free box of products delivered straight to your door would definitely the whole search for these type of products easier. Love it! xx

    • Thanks for your comment! I love the perfume, I would definitely recommend it! Yeah, I love the idea of this box too, I’m glad I’ve found it x

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