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  1. Susanne says

    I really like your list! I hope lockdown is soon over for you. I like that you want to explore more of the UK, I also always neglected my own country in favour of greater trips. So it’s nice to see that I am not alone with that … I hope you share your experiences when you can!

  2. claire says

    It really is the simple things that I am missing. I hate the gym but I have driven past my gym, staring at it with love in my eyes. I can’t wait to get back in the swimming pool and do some classes.

    Coffee shop is such a basic pleasure, One I can’t wait to indulge in. I might even go to the gym first and then I can justify a cake!

    Enjoy working your way through your list when this is over x

    • Emily says

      I will never take the simple things for granted again! Gym and a coffee shop day sounds great. Thank you x

  3. The Wanderer Pharaoh says

    Wonderful post! I never thought I’d dream about “Go to a coffee shop” But I am! These last couple of months changed a lot in me too. Thanks for sharing these honest words 🙂

    • Emily says

      Thank you! Me neither but here we are haha I don’t think I’ll ever take the little things for granted ever again!

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