I know I’ve not stuck to my goals of posting every weekend but you know what? Let’s just forget about those!

Anyway, it’s officially been comfirmed, I’ll be spending 3 months this summer in the USA! I’m unbelievably excited but also extremely nervous! I fly out to New York on the 19th June, work upstate somewhere (I’m not big on geography but it’s somewhere about 70 miles north of NYC) for 9 weeks then I get a month to travel. So in other words I’ll be spending that month on a beach in California somewhere (okay, maybe I’ll get some sight seeing in too…).

source: google images

With regards to writing, I’ve changed my routine slightly now I have some free time; I write every morning instead of trying to fit in some writing in between the mountain of other stuff I do each day (stuff being netflix binges) whilst I have my morning coffee and it seems to be working. It’s also really relaxing! I mean, I’ve always found writing to be relaxing but doing it in the morning makes it feel like there’s nowhere to rush off to and it also makes me feel accomplished for the rest of the day. Bonus! I’m curious to know, when does everyone else write? Morning or night or just whenever you have spare time? Let me know in the comments!

Had to break out the dvds one morning as ‘friends’ isn’t on Netflix Uk 🙁

Anyway, that’s just a quick update and I’m going to post a little something about writing prompts soon so watch this space!

Oh, I’m also on the lookout for some new blogs to read and follow so if anyone has a particular favourite pleas let me know in the comments 🙂

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