Ways To Keep Motivated When You Really Can’t Be Bothered

January is the worst month of the year for the majority of people; it’s cold (for half of the world at least), people are poor from the festive season, people start and break new year’s resolutions which can make you feel a bit crappy, and it seems to just go on forever.

Urgh, January, why are you so awful?

motivational quote about not giving up

As this time of year is so cold and terrible it’s harder to keep on top of everything and be motivated to keep going, when all you really want to do all day is wrap up in your duvet with Netflix and a packet of hob nobs. It’s made even worse by the fact that most people have the energy and motivation of the sassiest of bosses at the start of the year but then life, and the cold, gets in the way and that motivation sort of fizzles out.

If that happens to you but you want to make sure you stay motivated throughout the year, these tips are for you:

Take some time out for yourself

Light some candles and have a bath, read a good book, watch your favourite show, bake some cookies/cupcakes- whatever you do to relax, do it. Taking time away from whatever it is that you need the motivation for can really help sometimes; it allows you to step back, switch off for a while and come back with a clearer head and the ability to tackle the problem differently.

Switch off your electronics

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite for saying this as I’m guilty of not following this advice but, turn off your phone when you need to get stuff done so it doesn’t distract you, and don’t look at your phone right before you go to sleep as the blue light makes it difficult to sleep, and lack of sleep isn’t good for keeping your motivation.

Also, don’t start your day by looking at social media either. I read a study the other day (which I don’t have the source for- I’m really sorry, ex- psychology lecturers of mine!) have shown that, looking at social media and the gloomy news first thing in the morning puts you in a bad mood- sometimes without you even knowing. This isn’t a good way to start the day so start it by reading a bit of a book or meditating. I know it’s hard because I’m trying to put my phone down more too, but it’ll be worth it. Promise.

Tidy up your work space-

Whether you work from home or in an office, a tidy workspace is an absolute must if you want to stay motivated. Think about it, if you’re trying to get work done but all you see is clutter around you how is that going to make you feel? Calm or angry? Obviously angry, and no motivation comes from an angry/frustrated mind.

Drink tea/coffee whilst you work– 

This will be on every list I ever write on this topic because tea helps with everything (or hot chocolate/coffee/any other hot drink). No, but seriously, I always feel like a sassy independent woman who can take on the world if I have a hot drink in my hand!

Read motivational articles/blog posts

Especially in the morning because it’ll fire you up for the day and motivate you to be as successful as the article is telling you to be.

Don’t start unachievable resolutions

No, this isn’t an excuse to not set any resolutions! If your goal is to lose x lbs by the end of the month/year but you know that it’ll take a bit longer, lower your goal. If you want to start running 4 times a week but deep down you know you haven’t got the time, lower it to twice a week. When you start something that you know you realistically cannot do you’re setting yourself up for failure, which nobody likes. Make your goals a little bit more attainable.

Don’t beat yourself up if you fail at your goals

If you have set an unachievable goal, or you’ve just had a bit of a slip up on your path to your goal, don’t beat yourself up about it. If your goal is to lose weight but you eat a huge piece of cake, don’t hate yourself for it. If you skip the gym one day, or say no to going out when you said you’ll say yes more, or if you don’t post on your blog on a day you said you would, this is okay. There are many paths to success and nobody is perfect.

Bonus tip-

Make sure you’re looking after your health this winter. Not only is January/winter terrible for motivation, it’s also terrible for your mental health (and these two go hand in hand!)

Now you have no excuses not to take over the world!

What other motivation tips do you have? Let me know in the comments! 

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4 thoughts on “Ways To Keep Motivated When You Really Can’t Be Bothered”

  • A helpful post! I feel like I’ve overwhelmed myself with new year expectation lately and I need to stop doing that!

    Thanks for being so kind about my poem, btw. It really helps me to know that people get on board with my poetry.

    • aw thank you! yeah expectation to do well can get overwhelming this time of year! And you’re welcome 🙂

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