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  1. Sophie Wentworth says

    You’re right about the lack of funding and how that impacts the care people are able to provide. I think one of the big issues when it comes to mental health funding and attention is that it’s sooo broad. Symptoms can vary for everyone and there’s such a huge range of conditions that it’s very difficult to highlight the issues in care to people who aren’t aware (talking about individuals, not the government) when the requirements individuals need varies so much x

    • Emily says

      Yes you’re right, it is way too broad it’s difficult to know where to begin when raising awareness x

  2. Sophie says

    I completely see your point here. The NHS is having a crisis themselves when it comes to mental health services and they are unable to support people – a family member of mine who has a clear cut diagnosis and has done for 15 years need their meds changed and a year later it still hasn’t been done. It’s very sad, people are dying and it’s like the government aren’t that bothered.
    And lol to the friends from school thing, same here, they bullied me and now they’re posting about being kind and I really really hope they’ve changed but I doubt they all have!

    • Emily says

      Yes they are having a crisis and it’s so sad that the govenerment just don’t seem to care. Wow that’s so bad, I hope your relative gets that sorted soon. If nothing changes they can make a complaint with PALS and they will get in touch with their doctor/psych. I’ve not done it myself but I’ve heard from others that doing that has been effective x

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