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Youqueen- California, Vegan Smoothies & Things every teen should know

Recently I wrote three articles for the online magazine It’s a magazine written for women anywhere in the world, written by women from across the globe. Because even a Queen needs help sometimes. 

I thought I’d write a post which links to all the pieces I have written, and will write for them in the future. I’ll add each one as it’s published (they’ve currently only published one).



Places you must visit in California (besides Los Angeles)– A list of, what I think are, the best spots in California, including San Diego, Big Sur, and Solvang. Although it’s a great place, there’s way more to see in California that just LA!

5 healthy smoothies you need to try– This should actually be called ‘5 vegan smoothies you need to try’ but this (sort of) works too! These smoothies taste so nice, they’re good for you and they’re cruelty free. What more could you want in a smoothie?!

6 things every teenager should know– Advice, put together based on my own personal experiences, that I think every one needs to know before they turn 21.

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