I Won’t Look Back

This is just something I wrote a while back using the prompt ‘Finding love while travelling.’ It was supposed to be a competition submission but I never submitted it so I thought I’d post it here instead. All feedback will be appreciated πŸ™‚

“That’s my flight,” I say after I hear my call for boarding announced over the airport tannoy. As I stand he looks up at me and I see the sadness in his eyes. His bottom lip begins to quiver but he manages to mumble “please don’t go.” His words are barely audible but the hurt in his voice is loud.

“I’m so sorry, Jake, I have to,” I whisper, fighting back the tears of my own. He stands and runs his hand through his hair, looking like a little lost boy. Finally he pulls me into a tight embrace which I have to break off for fear of missing my flight back home. I’d come to the US for the summer of a lifetime, but I had never expected to fall in love. If that’s what it was, love. “Olivia please,” he pleads, “stay here with me.”

“I can’t. You knew this was never going to be forever. I wish it could be. I’m sorry.” With that I turn and walk vowing not to look back. I couldn’t look back. I pictured him standing there with tears streaming down his face, clutching his aching chest, willing his heart not to break. I couldn’t bear to see that, to know that I was the cause of his pain. I stayed strong all the way through all the passport and security checks, even through the long walk down the corridor to the aeroplane. I stayed strong until I sat in my seat ready for take-off. Then I cried. I cried for the whole eleven hours, remembering him, remembering the pain etched on his perfect face, remembering how great our time spent together had been. I longed to be back with him, lying in his arms on the beach as he kissed my forehead and called me his ‘beautiful English rose’. Passengers and air hosts alike kept asking if I was ok, if I needed anything, but I never heard them. I did need something. I needed Jake. I was still sobbing when I reached my house and threw myself face down on the sofa, but I never did look back. Not once.

The original competition stated the piece was supposed to be between 100 and 500 words so if anyone else would like to have a go I’d love to read them. You can post them in the comments section or post it to your blog and link it back to this postΒ (if you want to that is) πŸ™‚

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