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The best nightlife in Las Americas, Tenerife

I know what you’re probably thinking; Playa de Las Americas is only for 18 year olds who want to get as smashed off of their faces as possible isn’t it? I’m not 18 or into getting into that state so why should I read this post??  I’d probably be thinking it too if I hadn’t have recently been and sampled the nightlife in Tenerife. Yes there are a lot of teenagers on the main strip looking to have as much alcohol as they can stand for as little money as possible (we even nicknamed one bar ‘the creche’ because everyone in there looked like they were celebrating the end of primary school!), but I also found out that there is something for everyone to do after the sun has set- whether you’re 15 or 85!

Dinner: People of all ages eat dinner right? Whether dinner is the only thing you want to do at night or if you need to line your stomach before hitting the strip, I’ve got you covered.

  • Daniel’s Cafe Bar: It may not look like much from the outside but the dining experience I had there has definitely stuck in my mind. There is a small bar area inside but the majority of seats are outside (under a roof). On the night we visited we were treated to some amazing flamenco dancers who were dancing in the bar area until around 10pm. They even managed to drag one of my friends up to dance with them! On top of that my friend and I shared the nicest (vegetarian) paella I’ve ever had, which I would happily wolf down if you put it in front of me right now. There we sat outside in the warm Spanish evening air, eating delicious paella, watching amazing flamenco dancers. What could be better than that?
  • El Americano: An American diner serving Italian food in Spain. Oh yeah, did I mention the Elvis impersonator they have four times a week? I wouldn’t say you need to go out of you way to eat at this place but if you happen to walk past it and fancy some pasta with a side of Jailhouse Rock then you should definitely go in. All of the staff seemed lovely, the food was good (I’ve had better but I’ve had far worse), Elvis was actually surprisingly good, and it was quite fun to watch the British expat regulars dancing and singing away. All-in-all it was a nice place for us to unwind at after we’d just spent 4.5 hours on a plane.
  • Drop Inn: The Drop Inn is right on the seafront which means the pain of your hangover will be significantly reduced as you scarf down your full English as you gaze out across the ocean. Not only that but they have a full, refreshing smoothie menu, they show live sports, they do full English/Scottish breakfasts and they have the greatest Greek guy working out front trying to get more customers, and he will tell you everything from how not to get robbed on the beach to his neighbours’ early morning bedroom antics!

Family Entertainment: Believe it or not, it’s not all about booze in Las Americas!

  • Mini Golf Santiago: We decided that we’d go out for a nice meal and a game of mini-golf one night instead of going out out, and, although not going out out failed spectacularly, playing mini-golf at midnight was a lot of fun. Not only has the weather cooled down by then but there’s less people so you can take your time on each hole instead of worrying about taking too long (unless you’re actually good at mini-golf and don’t have to worry about things like that. Tell me your secrets?!). There’s a bar on site and it’s also surrounded by some lovely restaurants and bars so it’s easy to go for a quick game if you don’t want to go home after dinner, or it’s a great place to go before going to a bar.

tenerife 4 midnight mini golf


  • Light and Music fountain, safari centre: The fountain is in a lovely area where all the buildings are white marble and are adorned with fairy lights. I mean, these kinds of fountains can be found in cities across Europe, but they’re lovely to see anywhere aren’t they? We saw a bit of the show as we were just going to dinner but I think it’d be lovely to find a restaurant that has tables overlooking the fountain and enjoy the show as you’re having a meal. The fountain show starts at 9pm every night, and a little bit of a google search tells me that Harry’s Cocktail Bar is the best place to sit and watch from above as it has tables all along their balcony which stretches right around the fountain.

tenerife 9 safari centre fountain

  • Beach: Who doesn’t love being on the beach at night? Okay, so you have to ignore the fact that being able to hear the sea but not see it is hella creepy, but Playa De Troya has spotlights which make it look almost as light as it does in the day! Why not go for a nighttime stroll or, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, a spot of skinny dipping? Just make sure you’re not on the beach when the bars start closing or else you’ll be joined by lots of drunken Brits who have the same idea!

Casual Drinks: If you only want casual drinks one night or if you need somewhere pre-drink before hitting the strip.

  • The Gaelic corner/ The Dubliner: This was an absolute gem of a find. On our first night we found The Gaelic Corner and sat outside listening to the live band. We went back a couple of nights later and found out that inside it was actually huge, and the next night we went back and discovered The Dubliner which is the downstairs bar, also with live music. The Gaelic Corner is open till about 1 ish, but The Dubliner is open until the very early hours. Both bands play a mix of current songs, older rock songs and of course some good ol’ Irish music. Downstairs is darker and more club like than The Gaelic Corner but it’s still great for all ages. The only downside to the Dubliner is the band plays the same set every night, so maybe don’t go every night because it would be such a shame to get bored of this place!


Drinks drinks: If you go to any of these places sober then you’ll be sorely disappointed. If you’ve gone to Tenerife for a boozy holiday with your pals then you’ll have a great time in these places! Also, I couldn’t think of a better sub-heading for this one but you know what I mean, right?

  • Jumping Jacks: In my opinion this is the best bar on the Veronica’s strip. Granted we didn’t go in them all but there weren’t many we missed out! There’s a bar outside (as well as inside obviously), and a fairly big dance floor. Another big factor in why this was the best bar because the other people in there didn’t look like they had just graduated from pre-school; everyone in there seemed to be early twenties as opposed to the people in Branagan’s (the aforementioned bar nicknamed ‘the creche’) and Sound of Cream. If you get bored of JJ’s then Sugareef next door is also worth checking out. It also has an outside bar, as well as booths inside and poles on the dance floor.
  • Linekers’: You can’t go to a European party town and not go into Lineker’s. Not only is it huge but the music’s good, the drinks deals are some of the best around, and the staff were some of the loveliest.
  • Tramps: They market themselves as ‘The King of Clubs’ and rightly so! They’re mainly a house club but they also have an urban room playing RNB anthems, and, my personal favourite, Coco Bongo- their party bar which plays cheesy bangers all night long! Standard admission is €5 which includes 1 free drink, and they also do some great deals as well as 50% off everything between 9pm and 1am. You have to experience Tramps at least once during your Tenerife trip- and it’s open till 6 in the morning so no excuses!


Has anyone been to Las Americas and thought I’d missed a place out? Anyone heading to the island soon and excited to try somewhere on this list? Let me know in the comments!


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