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Travel Wish-List: A Relaxing Holiday In Bandung, Indonesia

As I’m very (very) low on funds right now I thought I’d start doing a few posts  over the coming weeks/months on where I would like to go as I’m not going to be doing a lot of travelling for the foreseeable- unless someone want to deposit £100000 into my bank account? No? Okay then, travel wish-list posts it is!

indonesia dusun bambu 1

For this first post I’m going to focus on Indonesia, a country which, in my eyes, has something for everyone. There are two sides to this wish-list destination of mine; on the one hand I want to do the whole backpacking in Bali thing, where I go on nature hikes in the day and hang out in infinity pools drinking all sorts of cocktails at night. On the other hand, I’ve recently been seeing a lot of family/couple bloggers talk about taking more relaxing family trips to Indonesia, where they get away from the backpacking scene and just, well, relax and see the less commercial side of the country.

I mean, It’s coming up to Christmas and I’m feeling a little emotional about having nobody to whisk me away for a relaxing week or ten in Asia, so I’m just going to plan out an ideal family holiday so that, if a miracle happens and somebody wants to take me on one, they can just read this post.

Don’t judge my loneliness, it’s Christmas!

Anyway! I think if I was going to go on a relaxing family break I’d choose somewhere like Bandung. It’s away from the backpacking/tourist scene and more of a bustling, busy city where you can get a real taste of Indonesian life. Bandung is more of an urban jungle in the middle of a country brimming with mountains and scenic real jungles, where you can, apparently, see a real community spirit and get a feel for Indonesian city life. This is the same reason why I want to go to India one day, to see this kind of environment for myself.

indonesia dusun bambu 2

indonesia dusun bambu 3

That being said, if I was in a beautiful country like Indonesia I would want to surround myself with nature a little bit too. I think being in the centre of a city like Bandung would overwhelm me a little. For that reason I’d want to stay in somewhere like Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park (think Indonesian Center Parcs) in the Cimahi region. It has everything you could want for a quiet family getaway, from great facilities, comfortable looking beds, Wi-Fi and a restaurant on site. You can hire bikes to explore the area, there’s a children’s play area, and the restaurant has a terrace where you can eat and enjoy the gorgeous views. What more could you want?

The accommodation is wooden huts or luxurious looking tents in the middle of the jungle. It looks heavenly. It seems like the perfect place for me as I like staying in rustic accommodation but I don’t like to be without my mod-cons, and this place has both. Wooden cabin in a jungle with a TV and a microwave? Erm, yes please.

indonesia dusun bambu accommodation

indonesia dusun bambu lounge

Not only that but Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park is right in the heart of Parongpong- which has been named the City of Flowers. It’s close to the airport and close to Curug Cimahi, which is an absolutely stunning looking hiking trail and waterfall. I wouldn’t exactly say I fell in love with hiking around waterfalls when I visited Yosemite National Park in the USA but I definitely loved it and now I want to explore as many waterfalls around the world as I can.

To book a stay in Dusun Bamboo Leisure Park booking through Traveloka hotel deals would be the best option. They’re an Indonesian company so they know what they’re talking about when it comes to relaxing Indonesian getaways! Traveloka routinely has great deals on flights and hotels around Asia. Go and check them out!

Has anyone been to Bandung, or anywhere else in Indonesia, before? What did you think?

This is a sponsored post but all lonely dreams of a relaxing Indonesian holiday are my own!


Travel wish-list- a relaxin holiday in Bandun, Indonesia
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