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  1. NTripping says

    Hey Emily,

    thanks for this comprehensive list! Some really great deals here 🙂

    I’ve never found using an incognito browser to bring any difference in prices, can you maybe give an example?

    Cheers, N.

    • Emily says

      Thanks for you comment! I don’t have specific examples but I’ve definitely found that when looking for flights, when I’ve been back to the site a couple of days later I found they had gone up quite a lot. I googled why that happened and found out it’s because the sites are monitoring your activity. Other travel bloggers have pointed it out too (world of wanderlust wrote about it last year http://www.worldofwanderlust.com/10-hacks-booking-flights/ ) x

  2. Kimba says

    Thanks for sharing! I’m so tempted to take advantage of the January sales. Europe is especially cheap
    this time of year!

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