Your Guide To The Travel Deals In The January Sales

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It’s officially January, and you know what that means don’t you? Yep, it’s time for the January sales!

In this post I’m going to list which travel companies have sales going on (updating if there’s new ones announced throughout the month), and some of my top tips (based on what I’ve read and done in the past) for finding the best deals- mainly on flights but also for hotels, car hire and package deals. They’re not specific to one type of traveller so hopefully everyone can benefit. Also, as I’m based in the UK a lot of the deals may only be available there but not all.

Happy travelling and saving money, folks!

Companies having sales this year:


British Airways

Savings on holidays to the USA and the rest of Europe from the UK. Also, savings of £200 on luxury flights. Must book by January 31st!

Canadian Affair

Deals on flights between Canada and the UK. Deals on rail travel in Canada, Motor Home travel, Car Hire, Wildlife packages, Adventure Holidays and more!

Easy Jet

They have over 400.000 discounted seats on flights to and from the UK. Offer ends 9th January so be quick!

Emirates Airlines

Hello 2017 Global Sale. Prices lowered for flights from London, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle and Birmingham to India, The Middle East, Thailand and China. Prices start at just over £300. Offer ends 31st Jan.


ALL flights reduced, over 100.000 seats starting at £29!

Norwegian Air

 New Year Sale with cheap short haul flights to the rest of Europe and prices slashed on flights to the USA (£134 to Boston from the UK). Ends 17th Jan!


They’ve extended their New Year sale. They have 365 routes from just £14.99!


January sale on flights from the UK to Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia, Dubai and Reykjavik



 January Detox hotel sale- starts today (2/01/17)

Up to 50% selected hotels in the New Year Sale

Hilton Hotels worldwide

Up to 30% off selected Hilton Hotels across Europe, Africa and The Middle East in their Winter sale.

Money off hotels in London



Package Deals

Canadian Affair

(See description under ‘airlines’ above!)

Co-operative travel

January Sale starts 3rd January

Gap 360

 25% off all tours


Last year they had up to 55% off top holidays and cruises so will possibly have a similar sale this year

Virgin Holidays

Have package deals to pretty much everywhere they fly to- Florida, The Caribbean, Canada, The rest of the USA. They also have exotic beach holidays, cruises, and safari tours.




They have numerous worldwide offers going on at the moment, including their 25% off January sale. Offer available across their fleet.


Up to 20% off UK car hire (Deal ends 15th January but cars can be hired at discounted rate up until April)

Canadian Affair

Car hire in Canada from £35pd. They’re also offering free one way drop offs and discounted upgrades. Must book by 31st January.




Flash sale. From £26 for a one way trip to Paris, Lille, Brussels, or Bruges from London. Ends 9th January!


They are giving away over 20.000 free seats on journeys to and from over 90 UK cities. Offer available between Jan 9th and Feb 9th. 


Top Tips For Getting The Best Deals:

Now, I’m no Martin Lewis but I love a good deal and know when I see one. I’ve spent a significant amount of my life searching for travel deals (I found a £0 return flight to Spain once, which, with tax and baggage, came to around £50 for three people) so I think I know what I’m talking about. These tips are things I’ve picked up and hopefully some of you will find them useful!

  • Don’t just search the sales- Sometimes it works out more expensive to buy in the sale than if you bought at full price. You could buy a package deal from somewhere like Thompson or Thomas Cook which includes a hotel with breakfast, a flight and car hire, but, with a little bit of searching you could possibly buy all of these things separately and save some money.
  • Don’t buy the first deal you see shop around because some deals are better than others. If one place has a deal, then other sites are likely to have the same/similar deals because it’s popular and they will compete with each other
  • Go incognito travel sites store your cookies and will up the prices every time you visit the site.
  • Buy late at night or early in the morning There’s less competition at these times and sites are likely to put cheaper deals on at these times as fewer people will take advantage.
  • Don’t buy unless you would have done anyway Kind of sounds like it defeats the object of a sale but if you buy a holiday to somewhere you only sort of want to go to, and probably would never have gone if the sale was full price, then are you really saving money? Although, when it comes to travelling it could be argued that you’re never wasting money when going to a new place…
  • Check the small print Boring, I know, but when booking things like flights and holidays you want to the best protection for your purchase. That flight might be an absolute bargain but if you’re stranded in a foreign country, the airline goes bust and your flight wasn’t protected it’s suddenly not so much of a bargain. Pay extra for the peace of mind.

Are there any deals or tips that you think I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments! 

The Ultimate Guide To The Travel Deals In The January Sales- Put the world to writes
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4 thoughts on “Your Guide To The Travel Deals In The January Sales”

  • Hey Emily,

    thanks for this comprehensive list! Some really great deals here 🙂

    I’ve never found using an incognito browser to bring any difference in prices, can you maybe give an example?

    Cheers, N.

    • Thanks for you comment! I don’t have specific examples but I’ve definitely found that when looking for flights, when I’ve been back to the site a couple of days later I found they had gone up quite a lot. I googled why that happened and found out it’s because the sites are monitoring your activity. Other travel bloggers have pointed it out too (world of wanderlust wrote about it last year ) x

  • Thanks for sharing! I’m so tempted to take advantage of the January sales. Europe is especially cheap
    this time of year!

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