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Why I Love A Good Old Airport Hotel

Recently I’ve noticed that the trusty old airport hotel has somewhat of a bad reputation among travellers/travel bloggers, and I don’t think that’s on. There are some pretty sweet, reasonably priced airport hotels out there, you know?

I’m all about travelling on a budget because travel does not have to be expensive. I love getting to see and do everything I want for as little money as possible, and I love staying in hostels to meet new people.

That being said, I’ve never understood why people would rather spend countless nights sleeping on cold airport floors, wrapped in their entire wardrobe, just to save themselves a bit of money. I’ve read stories of people staying in the airport during 12 hour night-time lay-overs. I’ve read about people having to try and sleep in the section of the airport before customs, and of people staying in places far out of their way that they have to get up at ridiculous hours and make their way to the airport when many modes of transport are not running just because they thought the airport hotel was too expensive.

I will happily splurge when it comes to my comfort/sanity. I just don’t think avoiding airport hotels are worth it.

I’ve stayed in a few airport hotels, either at the beginning or end of a trip, and I’ve found them to be lovely and *whispers* actually good value for money. Who woulda thought it, eh?

Two that stand out for me are the Ramada Plaza at Newark Liberty and The Custom Hotel at LAX. Seriously, I’m still fantasising about the bed at the Ramada a year and a half later; it was huge and you could easily drown in the sheets they were that fluffy. No joke.

I stayed in The Ramada at Newark for a couple of nights (two nights because I got my flight days mixed up. Oops) before I flew back to London after three months in the US and it was absolute bliss. I got there at midnight, still managed to get a huge pizza (because, New York) delivered to my room and managed to get snacks from the shop. I went up to my room turned on the AC to make it a little chilly and snuggled up in my king size bed to watch the AGT final on my large flatscreen. That certainly beats a night on the airport floor or a long dash through NYC with three months worth of luggage (I was young and naive back then and didn’t pack light!) to make my flight on time. And you know the best part? It was pretty cheap, especially when you consider its location.

What else makes airport hotels so great?


  • They’re a good source of comfort after a long time in hostels: I don’t know about you guys but I love nothing more than treating myself to a little bit (or in the case of the bed at the Ramada, a lot) of comfort after roughing it in hostels or campsites. They also give you a comfy place to recharge before or after a long flight.


  • They’re convenient: If I have the choice between sleeping for as long as possible or dragging my still half asleep self out of bed hours before I have to be at the airport then I’d always choose staying in bed for as long as possible. Obviously. When you stay in an airport hotel you’re practically sleeping in the airport anyway so you can keep your lazy arse in bed for a little bit longer. Woo hoo.


  • You’re not judged for staying in your room all day: I mean, you’re probably not judged in any hotel if you stay in your room all day but – well I don’t want to speak for everyone- I would at least feel like I was being judged if I was in any other hotel. You don’t stay in airport hotels to use as a base for sightseeing so you don’t have to leave. You enjoy that comfy bed and flatscreen!


  • You don’t have to feel self-conscious for being alone: In fact, I’m preeetty sure airport hotels were made with people on their own in mind (not really). They’re usually occupied by business men and women on trips, or solo travellers so, checking in alone won’t make you feel self-conscious.


  • You can afford more luxury than you’re used to: What I’ve always found is, when you have a group of hotels at an airport, yes they’re more expensive than hotels further out, but they’re all similarly priced to each other. I’ve never seen much difference between a 1* and a 3* airport hotel. That means that, if you’re splashing out on an airport hotel anyway, you can probably afford to stay in a more upmarket hotel than you’re used to. What’s not to like about that?!


So, there you have it, that’s why I bloody love an airport hotel. Sure, you’re probably going to run into some pretty terrible ones and pay way more than you should for it, but that can happen in any kind of hotel. And besides, any bed is better than staying on a cold airport floor, right? Okay, maybe not…

What’s everyone else’s opinion on airport hotels? Do you love them or loathe them? What’s been your favourite/least favourite you’ve ever stayed in? Leave me a comment!


The good old airport hotel is the best kind of hotel
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