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Travel Wish-List: The Classic Australian Backpacking Trip

Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today, it is already tomorrow in Australia- Charles M. Schulz


At the start of December you may remember that I started a Travel Wish-list series with a relaxing holiday to Bandung, Indonesia. Well, today, now that all the Christmas themed posts are out of the way, the series continues. On today’s wish-list is the classic Australian backpacking trip!

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to make the long trip to Australia. I can’t explain why I was drawn to the place when I was a young girl, I just was. Now, I’m drawn to the country because of its beauty, its laid back atmosphere and, perhaps most importantly of all, its sunny, hot weather. God I want to be in the sun right now…

I’ve never really been that keen on the 23 hour flight or the huge, deadly spiders though. I guess that’s put me off a little in the past but now I’m not sure these things bother me that much.

There’s definitely something for everyone in Australia, whether you’re an adventurer, love a good laid back beach lifestyle, or whether you want to work and experience life like a local, it’s all possible there.


Sydney Opera House, Australia

Walk the harbour bridge: As in the bit higher than the bit you’re supposed to walk on, where you have to be harnessed to the side. I have no idea why I want to do this but it’s been one of the things I’ve wanted to do since I was little. I’m terrified of heights- and was even more scared when I was younger- so goodness knows why I want to do this! The heart wants what it wants though, eh?

I think the views would be incredible and it’d be a great thing to say that you’ve done!

Opera house- I want to see if the Sydney Opera House is really as small as everyone says it is. Has anyone been and found it to be surprisingly smaller than they expected?

 Boat trip- I took a boat trip around the bay in San Francisco and I remember how wonderful it was to see the famous land marks in a more unique way. I think Sydney would be another great place to do this in. Just imagine a hot summer day, wind whipping through your hair and the salty ocean spraying your face to cool you down as you pass under one of the most famous bridges in the world!



Brisbane sign Australia

Admittedly I don’t know that much about Brisbane, I just know that my grandparents visited once and my grandpa was so grumpy and scowled so much that, every time he gets grumpy now, my grandma says he has his Brisbane face on! I’d love to see it for myself and see the place that made him so infamously grumpy (I’m sure it wasn’t Brisbane itself…)

Another cool thing would be to take a classic picture in front of the Brisbane sign. It’s like the one in Amsterdam except it’s more colourful and quirky.


The Whitsunday Islands Queensland Australia

The Whitsundays I’m sure these need no introduction as they are possibly one of the most stunning places on earth. If you’re not familiar with them they are a collection of 74 islands in Queensland, and they are located very near to The Great Barrier Reef. They are gorgeous and a beach lovers paradise. Search for #lovewhitsundays on twitter, or put in the whitsundays in Pinterest, and enjoy!

Great Barrier Reef: I’m not really sure if snorkelling is my thing, but seeing the natural wonder that is The Great Barrier Reef through a glass-bottom boat would be a pretty nice experience. I’m conflicted about it though as this Eco-system is under severe stress and more tourism could possibly be damaging.

Alice Springs

Uluru/ AYer's Rock Northern Territory Australia

Uluru (aka Ayer’s Rock): This huge sandstone rock formation is sacred to the Indigenous people of the area and is UNESCO listed. It is home to numerous watering holes, springs and ancient paintings- so would be a fascinating, historical place to visit. It isn’t actually in Alice Springs (it’s just over 200 miles south) but it’s the nearest large town, and one that many people stay in when visiting.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I have a thing for sunsets, so I think seeing Uluru at sunset would be absolutely magical. I mean, sunset at the Grand Canyon was so I expect Uluru wouldn’t disappoint.

Obviously this list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s just a little snapshot of what I think would be the best trip around Australia.

Other places in Australia that I would love to visit include Melbourne (for its culture), The Outback in Western Australia (because the outback is a staple of a backpacking trip there) and Perth (for its perfect mix of nature and urban city life).

I’ll hopefully see you soon, Australia!

Has anyone been to any of the places I’ve mentioned here? What did you think? Has anyone got any recommendations of places to see that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know in the Comments!


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7 thoughts on “Travel Wish-List: The Classic Australian Backpacking Trip”

  • I love the idea of visiting Australia, but everything being evolved in a way designed to kill me is terrifying. And like you said, the
    spiders. I’m sure it’s a beautiful place, and you’ve listed off some cool things here. Maybe one day I’ll find my way to Australia.

  • Oooh, I’d love to visit all of these places too — what
    a great list! I didn’t know about the Whitsundays
    before this post, and now I’m obsessed! (That
    hashtag is the ultimate in travel porn!)

    Hope you get to go someday!


    • Yeah it is, I’m obsessed with that hashtag at the moment! Thank you, I hope I make it there too 🙂

  • As someone who has just come back from 2 years of travelling and working in Australia I can only say four words. ‘You won’t
    regret it’.

    Being in Australia for an extended time holds most of my favourite memories and I can tell you that even with working on an
    outback farm for 4 months, you don’t see that many deadly spiders. You will throughly enjoy any trip you make and should you
    want any advice or just to help put itneraries together I’m all ears. I can happily suggest some pretty amazing places but if you
    do go to Uluru make me a promise, stay in a swag. It is the best way to spend your time there.

    From one Emily to another, have the best time planning, dreaming and living this adventure. xo

    The Reluctant Wanderlust

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Glad you had such a great time in Australia (and thanks for putting my mind at ease re: the spiders haha). I will definitely stay in a swag at Uluru, and if I need any more tips I’llmake sure to ask you!

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