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London, baby!



A couple of Wednesdays ago I went down to London for a Journalism postgraduate open evening at City University. I’ve always loved London, even when it has grey skies and it’s drenched from the rain like it was that day, so I’m glad that one of the best places to study Journalism is in this great city.


The open evening didn’t begin until 5:30pm but I ended up getting the train at 2 (arriving in London at 3). I’d like to say this was because I was going to be cultured and have a wander around but it was actually because that was the cheapest.I did wander around Oxford street though, and, as it was already getting dark by then, all the lights were on. I love the orbs on Oxford street and I’m glad I’ve finally got to see them, however, they are not the most impressive lights around here despite what the pictures on Pinterest and Instagram have led you to believe! The streets off of Oxford street have far brighter and more impressive lights, the big stores are obviously all trying to outdo each other which makes for a very pretty, colourful scene, and obviously Selfridges has outdone them all and draped itself in so many of the brightest lights I’ve ever seen that I’ll have to take your word for it that the building is actually being held up by brick and not Christmas lights. It’s also outdone itself on window displays which feature lots of sparkle, lots of abstract people embracing, and, my personal favourite, a solar system that actually moves!

Now, before I went to London I was very apprehensive, mainly because it was less than a week after the tragic events in Paris and everyone was very on edge. I was slightly nervous navigating my way around the tube, especially at rush hour, but for the most part everyone seemed to be in high spirits. I kind of want to use this post to dispel some of the rumours about Londoners being rude because I’ve always had the pleasantest of experiences in London and people saying they’re the rudest people they’ve ever met has become a major bug bear of mine. In fact, I’ve been to quite a lot of cities in the UK and I’d have to say the friendliest two I’ve ever visited are Manchester and London. Obviously people have their off days, but generally if you’re nice to Londoners (and don’t stand on the left of escalators or make eye contact on the tube) then they’re nice to you.

I feel like I don’t make enough time to explore London even though I’m lucky enough to have it on my doorstep (well, an hour on a train, but that’s nothing). If I get offered a place on this course I’m going to make lots of time to visit the places I want to see, and I hope that I actually do instead of just saying I’ll do it. A few places on my London bucketlist include: the Shard (I have a thing for city views from a height), Camden market, Brick Lane, the British museum, oh, and of course, platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross (trains only go to St Pancras from where I live so I’ve never seen it!)

Where in London do you want to go? Or, where have you been that you can highly recommend?

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