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My Budapest Bucket List

The other week I booked flights to Budapest, for my birthday (October 27th) no less! In five days time my best friend and I will be on the flight. I’ve wanted to go to Budapest for a long time and now I’m finally doing it. I’ve always been excited by the idea of the thermal baths, fascinating history and cheap food and drink.

I’ve already got a long list of things I can’t wait to experience once in the Hungarian capital, but I’m sure I’ll discover lots more things to see and do once I’m there. Here’s what I’ve already got planned:

Szechenyi thermal Baths: Obviously a must-do for any trip to Budapest. Warm and inviting all year round so it doesn’t matter that I’ll be there at the tail end of Autumn. I’ve heard that the main baths are very busy and touristy but there are lots of smaller, quieter ones so I’m going to try and check those out too.

Buda castle: I’m probably most excited for this. As we’ll be in Budapest over Halloween I want to take a spooky, lantern-lit tour of the tunnels below the castle. I included Buda castle in this post about Europe’s creepiest castles so I really hope I’ve not scared myself out of doing this.

Get snap happy at Fisherman’s Bastian: Hailed as the most picturesque place in Budapest and known for it’s stunning views of the city. I can’t wait to up my Instagram game with photos from here. Hopefully we’ll get to watch a sunset or two from here as well.

Cruise along the Danube: I’m hoping that it won’t be too cold for a river cruise as I love being on the water and the Danube seems like a perfect river to explore by boat. We’ve also booked a lovely little apartment which overlooks the river, which I could not be more excited about.

Drink in a ruin bar: I think the most famous is Szimpla Ruin bar but I’m hoping to get merry in a few more than just the one! I’ll write a post about the best ones and drink in them for ‘research’.

House of Terror museum: I love a museum and I love something a bit spooky, so this seems right up my street. It’s great that it’ll be Halloween week while we’re there too.

St Stephen’s Cathedral: Despite not being in the least bit religious I really love a cathedral and make it my mission to explore one in each new place I visit.

Discover the vegan scene: Napfenyes Restaurant is on the top of my list (thanks to this post by Nicola at Polkadotpassport). My best friend is very into his meat (not a euphemism) so it’ll be hard work convincing him to come with me. If all else fails I might have to use the old “it’s my birthday so you have to come with me” line.

Margaret Island: I found this lovely looking slice of tranquillity when searching for ‘unique things to do in Budapest’ as it isn’t on the usual list of must-do activities. It’s marketed as an oasis in the centre of two busy towns – Buda and Pest. It looks like a gorgeous park with thermal baths, ruins, Japanese gardens surrounded by nature.

Have you been to Budapest? What are some things I should do during my trip? Let me know in the comments!

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