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Snapshots of Scotland: Edinburgh in August

With its tall, imposing historical buildings and beauty on every corner, Edinburgh is the perfect place for a city break, especially during August when the Edinburgh Fringe – the world’s largest arts and culture festival – is in full swing. There’s no doubt that the festival dramatically alters the atmosphere of the city.

This summer just gone marked the 70th anniversary of the Edinburgh festival, and boy was that a great year for a first visit! There were more shows than ever before, special anniversary events and a spectacular end-of-summer fireworks display, which I watched on my last night there with my new friends and strangers who just sat in the street staring up in awe at the fireworks and the castle they were coming from.

For the whole month of August I was working in Edinburgh at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (I wrote a post about my experience if you’d like to read more about it). As I was spending most of my time working, drinking and seeing shows I didn’t have a lot of time to take photos of the city – but that didn’t stop me from constantly taking in the beauty of Edinburgh.

I lived in the Old Town, not far from the Royal Mile, and I worked in one of the unusual Edinburgh Fringe so I was always surrounded by history and old buildings. I sampled a few of the bars around the city which meant a lot of walking the cobblestone streets that Edinburgh is so famous for.

I did also do a bit of sight seeing in my spare time. One of the guys I worked with took me on a tourist trip past the Scottish Parliament, the Palace of HolyroodHouse, around Holyrood park and up the Salisbury Crags – Arthur’s seat’s smaller neighbour. We sat at the top of Salisbury Crags just after sunset so we got to watch the city come alive with light, oblivious to the people watching it from above. We waited, shivering in the cold, for the fireworks from the castle marking the beginning or the end of the Tattoo but only a solitary one arose. It didn’t matter too much though as the breathtaking view more than made up for the disappointment.

If you need a quick hangover cure grab a big bottle of water and head on up the Salisbury Crags. The steep walk and the bracing air will sort you out in no time!

Like I said I didn’t take many photographs but here is a small glimpse into one of the best summers of my life. Enjoy.

These photos were all taken on my Iphone so apologies for the not so great quality!

buildings on the mile

fringe banner

blurry edinburgh


dont swear

gilded and yoda


worlds end pub

here's your future

toilet door


view from the crags

view from the top of salisbury crags

tattoo fireworks

the city t


Has anyone been to the Edinburgh Fringe? Anyone want to visit? Anyone been to Edinburgh at any other time of the year? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

Snapshots of Scotland / Scotland travel photography - Edinburgh in August
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