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    • Emily says

      Yes, Lore is such a great podcast! Yeah I know what you mean about The Black Tapes, I think it sounds too staged sometimes too but I do love it.

  1. Karen says

    I just love They Walk Among Us and CaseFile. I have to completely disagree with your view on Benjamin’s voice in They Walk Among Us,. I think he has a perfect voice for podcasting, its very intriguing and so soft it’s what drew me into the podcast when I first started listening!

  2. Jasmin Charlotte says

    Ohh yes I love they walk among us but totally agree about the voice! I’d add to this list: thinking sideways, generation why, wine and crime and sword and scale. I listen to far too many podcasts!! x

    • Emily says

      Oo thanks for the suggestions, I’m going to check them all out! You can never listen to too many podcasts aha

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