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  1. Victoria says

    positivity yaaaaaasssssss!!!!! I feel like this past year was extra hard for anxiety/negative feelings because almost EVERYONE
    was talking about how it was a horrible year. When people tell you things are bad you’re probably going to agree, ya know? I’m
    glad you’re excited about the future!! I hope all your interviews go well!

    • Emily says

      Yeah it was definitely a difficult year! Thank you! Hope you’re having fun in Glasgow 🙂

  2. Samantha says

    I am sending you positive vibes that
    this will be a good year for you!
    Remember that small steps forward are
    better than no steps forward.

    S .x

  3. Emily says

    Fingers are crossed extra hard that this Year
    keeps on looking up! I’m also a fan of the ‘New
    Year, new me’ approach, as I feel it’s helpful to
    start with a clean slate each year. Here’s hoping
    that 2017 is good to you <3!


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