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  1. Desirée says

    Definitely agree with you. I love seeing travel photos and seeing nice selfies of people having fun etc, but I also feel like all the “big” ones look so much alike. And then you see a gorgeous picture from somewhere, and the next photo in that series is someone holding up a bag of detox-tea or something, and I’m just… no. Then I won’t like that picture, cause I did not come here to see detox tea, I came to see the joys of travel. Sigh. 😛

    • Emily says

      I feel the same way! I’m all for people making money but don’t try to hide it behind travel photos. I love discovering travel instagram accounts that are different to the usual ones

  2. Bexa says

    This is such a brilliant post Emily and I definitely agree. I love travel and admiring photos of pretty destinations but I think the big Instagrammers are all the same! I’d love to discover little hidden gems from people who just love travel for travel not the glamour. The comment about the pyramids is so true. I visited them on a tour a few years ago and I found the whole experience quite eye opening. We got hassled every 5 minutes and the nearby town was so dirty and the traffic was CRAZY. Ha ha. Great post, just followed your insta too & love your photos! <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    • Emily says

      Ahh thank you so much! Yeah me too, I feel like all the big accounts look too similar so it’s nice to find people who are doing their own thing, it’s just a shame they never seem to have as many followers!

  3. Vinn says

    One thing that is also good and bad with IG is the looping for followers. Which is great! Because you get to meet so many accounts that you get inspired with and gain friends. However, there are many accounts that just loop and don’t commit with the “rules” and there’s no engagement at all. But anyway I still love Instagram. I’m not an “It Girl” too. I post as I like…

    • Emily says

      Yes I hate that! I don’t know why people participate in things like that if they’re not going to interact. I’d rather have good engagement and fewer followers than loads of followers who aren’t interested in my posts!

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